Amy’s Ride

4 Jan

It is not unusual for us to have a handful of crazy hot days in Melbourne during the summer, unfortunately we just had a string of them, 4 days in a row over 35, even more unfortunate the 41 degree day, along with a ghastly northerly wind happened to be on the day of Amy’s Ride.

Andrew and I were in frenetic discussion the day before on whether or not we should drop from 120km to 70km. I was toing and froing, umming and ahhing and then actually looked at the forecast, North by Northwest wind gusting up to 35kph! Fark that for a barrel of laughs, I hate head wind, HATE IT!! I am in this cycling lark for shits and giggles, not for fighting through a hellish headwind on a 40 degree day just to prove that I can cycle for more than 100km.

Then the decision was made for us anyway, anyone who had nominated for less than 30kph was relegated to 70km, I’d nominated for the 25-29kph group so that was that.

I can tell y’all this for nothing, when we got to the 60km mark I was gladder than a really glad thing that we only had 10km ahead of us, not another 60.
My alarm was duly set for 5:17am on the morning of the ride, except I was woken at around 4ish by a rather soothing watery sort of sound, “hmmmm” I dreamily thought to myself, “maybe this is a belated Christmas miracle, maybe it won’t be 41 degrees and a lovely cool change has washed through, how nice, Zzzzzzz”


I’ve heard that sound before!

Race out the front, wade through my carport, bloody water main out the front of my house has burst again for the 3rd time in 8 years and there is a torrent streaming down my driveway, under my house into the back yard and down the footpath, gahhhhh. Called the water people, tuned the drama up just a notch and I may or may not have said something about my house being flooded. They were out in 20 minutes to turn off the mains and when I got to Geelong I called home to find they were already tearing up the nature strip to fix the main. Beats the 12 hours it took to get it fixed last time when I had to put up with a 4 metre water fountain out the front and endless streams of people knocking on my door “hey have you seen…….” Fuck no! Really!? I hadn’t noticed that 4 metre jet of water right out the front of my house all day, thanks for bringing that to my attention.

By the way the colourful 4 page water board insurance brochure with the friendly man on the front can be summed up as “Screw you; we are liable for nothing, hope you have cover, byeeeee”.

Anyway, I digress muchly

The ride?

As alluded, conditions generally pretty sucky but in spite of that a good morning out and it was fab to have Andrew’s company as I am used to riding alone. The first 33km passed pretty quickly as we were able to set a cracking (for me) pace, although I couldn’t keep up with Andrew on the downhills, he would fly down and I would ease down with teeth clenched and knuckles turning white on the handle bars. I’ve never been to Barwon Heads before so I really enjoyed heading over that iconic little bridge and then gazed with envy at all the people swimming in the ocean.

We cruised into the rest stop at the 33km mark in around 70 minutes, had a quick snack break and then hit the road again. I was prepared for the second half to be a serious grind but it wasn’t too bad, Andrew did more than his fair share of riding up front which blocked some of the wind for me. The last 10km hurt the most and the ride into Eastern Park seemed to go on forever, but there was heaps of shade at the end and lemon sorbet!

What I especially like about this cycling business is that it is not smashing my body, I feel fine afterwards and no ill effects the next day, then again this could just be a sign that I am not trying hard enough.

I started my new 12 week weight training program on new years day, and arm work out and a leg one done so far. Legs yesterday and today they are pretty much stuffed! Damn cyclist back squats, they are killer and my quads are not happy. I am meeting a mate for an easy run this afternoon, if you see a robot shuffling down towards docklands this arvo say Hi.

3 Responses to “Amy’s Ride”

  1. ajh January 4, 2012 at 9:46 pm #

    I don’t think anyone could say we weren’t trying hard enough on that ride! Thanks so much for the company, I really enjoyed it!

  2. Beki January 5, 2012 at 8:54 am #

    Massive effort there Em, congratulations!

  3. Ewen January 6, 2012 at 6:21 pm #

    Funny about your thoughts at the 60k mark. I would have been the same. But don’t talk down Melbourne weather — it’s always been perfect whenever I’ve been there ;)

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