New Approach – The Verdict

5 Dec

Probably a little too soon to start drawing conclusions, however early data points to a fair degree of success for my new approach to cross training through injury.


Why deep water running can kiss my arse.

I’ve only been back running a month and am technically still in the run/walk section of rehab, albeit coming to the end of it and I haven’t done any speedwork for 3 months.

So on Sunday I set out to run 5km with no break, I should be on something like run 15 minutes, stop, stretch, run another 15 minutes. But frankly I wasn’t stopping and stretching in the middle of a fun run and up until now I’ve been pretty conservative with the rehab stuff. I am allowed a run every second day but I’ve often gone two days without a run, opting for HIIT or riding to and from work instead.

Given that I was pretty comfortable with just going out yesterday and running 5km with no break. No racing flats and no illusions of grandeur, just a nice comfortable 5km trot, I even wore an iPod!
I surprised myself with a 4:44 over the first km, didn’t feel like I was running that pace but I did have a pretty wicked tailwind to help me along, oh well, I was about to turn into the headwind, that’ll slow me down.

Didn’t really pay attention to my watch after that, shuffle was on fire and giving me some great tunes so I lost myself in the music and just kept running comfortably.
Crossing the finish line I looked up and saw the clock, 24:16 (official time 24:13), flipping ‘eck, I was going to be happy if I finished around 28 minutes! That’s not even my slowest showing in the 5 years I’ve been running this event!

It was certainly better than anything I could have managed a month after starting to run again after the last two stress fracture layoffs where I cross trained with deep water running and a bit of cycling on the windtrainer.

DWR has its place and if the type of injury you have leaves you no choice but to head for the pool then it is certainly better than nothing. However to maintain cardiovascular fitness and for all round strength it seems outdoor cycling combined with a good strength program and HIIT on the exercise bike was a much better option for me. The view is heaps better too!

So, to the strength training, it was a big weekend and I slept well on Sunday night.
Saturday was chest, shoulders and back and Sunday was legs, I managed to make some small gains both days over the same session last week.

I rode to work today, so it goes I shall be riding home too, that gives me over 50km on the bike for the day.

I’ve been talked into some spin class word record attempt thingy tomorrow, I have absolutely no idea what we are doing or what the record attempt is, just that the entry fee goes to charity and it’s a darn sight less painful than wearing a 10 pound beard of bees so I am in, so, just going with the flow on that one, although I am currently in denial about the fact that I have to be there tomorrow morning before the sparrows start farting, 4:30am, Jaysus, they will have to tie me to the bike so I don’t fall off.

4 Responses to “New Approach – The Verdict”

  1. JH December 5, 2011 at 3:18 pm #

    Deep water running can kick my arse too (which is a far worse punishment).

    • JH December 5, 2011 at 3:38 pm #

      That would make more sense as “kiss my arse”.

  2. Ewen December 5, 2011 at 6:32 pm #

    That’s a good time! The alternative to water running has worked a treat. Agree on the view — don’t know how you put up looking at Jo in those sessions you did together.

    • Em December 5, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

      It’s probably because I didn’t have Jo’s beauteous countenance to gaze upon that I was less inclined to jump in the pool this time, oh, and the gossip, mustn’t forget the gossip!

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