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Oh come on!!!

10 Aug

I treat you badly just this one time, ok twice if you want to be picky about it, I’ll concede that Trailwalker that time was a big ask, anyway, seriously, I give you good sneakers, weekly massages and lots of stretching and then one half marathon on a cambered road and you go all prima donna on me.

Stupid precious ITB

I was pretty stuffed on Sunday afternoon, though I did drag myself out for a walk up to the Supermarket to get my legs moving again, I took a precautionary anti inflam at dinner (I usually do when I’ve had a demanding run), my hips and quads hurt (to be expected) but I slept like a log. Come Monday morning there was nary a trace of DOMs and I was looking forward to a gentle run after work. I hadn’t written anything in the training plan this week, deciding instead to play each day by ear, depending on how I was recovering.

I set off on my usual Monday 11km course knowing that there were a few bridges where I could cross the river if I needed to cut it short before the point of no return. Felt pretty good, no groaning or protesting from my body as I got started, except, what the? Left ITB feeling a little tight, hmmm, let’s just keep going and see if it gets any worse. 2km down, not bad, still tight but no worse, then 3km, aghhhhhh, it was bad enough to change my gait so time to pull the pin. Up over the railway bridge in Sth Yarra and over to the other side of the river, walking down the stairs, aghhhhhhh again, definitely time to call it a day. Faced with a 3km walk back to my car I made the most of a bad situation and strode out briskly, fortunately there was no complaining from the ITB when I walked.

Last night I got stuck in and gave it a good massage with the Flexall cream, you can never quite inflict as much pain on yourself as a massage therapist can but I did a pretty good job of it and now I am on the Voltaren 50s for a couple of days (ughhh, cue tummy bloating).

This morning I headed to the gym, now now, you don’t think I am going to sit about and do nothing do you?! ITBs can be tricky, if it’s chronic, which fortunately has never happened to me, there isn’t much you can do other than swim. I decided not to risk the bike so I jumped on the elliptical trainer instead. I started slowly but there was no niggling so I sped up and increased the resistance over the next 10 minutes, still OK, I stayed on for 45 minutes and managed to get the heart rate up to a reasonable level still the ITB didn’t complain and my iPod stopped me going crazy with boredom. It was funny looking about; people came and went from the ellipticals, treadmills and bikes around me during my 45 minute workout and none of them seemed to put in anything that would really be considered an effort. I suppose I should give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they were warming up before a strength session but considering I was in a gym I seemed to be the only one doing any proper sweating.

I’ll head back this afternoon for another 45 minutes. Tomorrow is a rest day anyway and what I am expecting to be a bit of a painful massage in the afternoon, then I will try a little run on Thursday morning.

My ITB has only flared up a couple of times over the years and it’s always settled down after a couple of days of TLC so I am not at panic stations quite yet.

Incidentally carrot sticks with hummus are the new awesome, they take longer to eat than a chocolate bar, taste heaps better and fill you up, I suppose it helps that I love carrots, I might try them with peanut butter too.


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