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Move over Sleeplek, welcome Zombielek

28 Jul

Monday afternoon was glorious, still undeniably winter, the sky was blue but the sun was low and its rays weak, then there is that slight haze of the late afternoon that leaves everything a little fuzzy around the edges or was that just me putting my contacts in the wrong way around again? However less than 2km into my run I was pushing up the sleeves of my long sleeved shirt, then I had to stop to take it off, running along in a T-Shirt I could feel just the very slightest hint of warmth in the air, barely there but enough to lift me briefly from the doldrums of Winter. As has been the case the last few Monday’s my planned 8km run ended up stretching to just over 11km as the weather was favourable and I was enjoying the time to myself.

Tuesday morning saw a battle of the wills being waged, I was feeling burnt out still from the weekends work, I was physically tired and woke up crampy thanks to it being day 28, it was farking cold (what is it with Tuesday mornings, it’s always extra cold on bloody Tuesdays!) and I had an almost terminal case of the I don’t wannas, calling in dead and staying under the covers seemed the most attractive option available to me. So, I switched over to autopilot, got up, got dressed, brushed teeth, packed bag, drove to city, parked car, ran (a loose definition of the term) 6.5km, walked to office, bought paper and fabbo Emma and Tom’s juice on the way and finally fell into a hot shower where I out wallied Wally and stayed there until I was very pruny and had stopped sobbing. Some days the motivation and drive just isn’t there, that’s when I have to fall back on pigheaded stubbornness and the knowledge that I will feel far crapper if I don’t get the run in than if I do.

Now can we just bear in mind that I detest being cold and that a three day old corpse is more alive before 7am than I am. When I started doing double days on Tuesday and Thursday around April this year I didn’t think I would make it though winter, I’ve only resorted to the treadmill once and haven’t skipped a morning run except for the taper week before the (not quite) Half Marathon, so, you know, Yay for me.

Tuesday afternoon I stood up my usual training group to meet a friend who happened to have the afternoon free. We do an easy run together most Friday’s but it has been a while since we’d done an interval session together. It was her turn to set the session and we settled on 2 by 5 minutes, 2 by 4 minutes, 2 by 3 minutes, 2 by 2 minutes and 2 by 1 minute, each with a 90 second standing recovery with the exception of the 1 minute reps where we reduced to 60 seconds.

Yep, it’s a toughie, that’s 30 minutes of hard running.

We did the reps out and back along the tan from the 3km marker; this gave us a little decline to start on but an incline to work back up on for every second rep. My running buddy was somewhat hampered by sore quads after running for 30km through the You Yangs on Sunday, this handicap meant that she was running around my pace and not leaving me in her dust. The moral of that story being if you can’t find a training partner who runs around your pace find someone who is a bit faster and get them to flog themselves over a hilly trail run a couple of days before :lol:

It was a great session but definitely one needed to be done with company to keep you honest, especially as by the time you get down to 3 minutes those 90 seconds seemed very short; this one was even beyond my powers of self motivation. We ended up with 7.1km for our 30 minutes work and a bit over 9km with warm up and cool down, I was pretty happy with that.

Today I am quite content to have a rest day, apart from a Pilates class this morning.

I really wanted to take a day off in lieu this week, to make up for the work I did on Saturday night/Sunday morning, but I have %$@#ing meetings in my diary every day, I don’t think it’s going to happen so I am nicking off home a little earlier a couple of days this week, not quite the same as a day off but it’ll have to do.

I saw a pretty skirt in a shop window on my way to the office yesterday morning, so I went to DJs to try it on during my lunch break. Why? Because if I go to DJs or Myer I don’t have to make small talk with perky size 4 sales assistants who would tell you that you look good in a hefty bag if they thought it would get a sale. Bugger though, the skirt wasn’t in DJs and I really don’t want to go in to the store, so that probably saves me $100 or so, some people budget by giving up the morning take away coffee or bringing lunch from home, my credit card is saved by my chronic aversion to making small talk with strangers, hazzah for low level social anxiety.

2am is not as much fun as it used to be

25 Jul

It’s been a whole week already?!

I’ve started to update a couple of times then I decided that sitting on the couch staring into the middle distance would be a far better use of my time. It’s been busy, 3 weeks in the boss’s job now and another 4 to go. I wouldn’t say that her job is all that much more challenging than mine, it’s just that there is no one backfilling my job so I am trying to juggle two roles at once, I am lucky that my boss’s boss has been very supportive, but it still leaves me pretty stuffed by the end of the day.

Too much time has passed so just a quick training update

Monday – 11.3 km easy and feeling surprisingly fresh after my run up Mt Dandenong the day before

Tuesday – Fffffreezing morning sleeplek and a toughie that afternoon, 5 by 1km on a 6 minute cycle, normally we do this on a 7 minute cycle. First rep a bit slow, wary of the previous week being pretty bad I started conservatively, then the final four were pretty even, all up about 8 seconds slower per rep than usual which was fine given the recovery was a minute less.

Wednesday – rest and massage, very little soreness from the weekend

Thursday – morning sleeplek and a 25 minute tempo in the afternoon, we normally do 20 minute tempo so it was another step up. I made 5.3km, a 4:44 per km average which I was happy with as there are a couple of hills over the route we run, when I checked my watch at 20 minutes I remember thinking, “cool, 10 minutes to go, I can handle that”, at 24 minutes I remembered we were only doing 25 :-)

Friday – felt a bit flat and only ran about 6.7ish

Saturday – just over 5km run leading, I looked after a group of mostly beginners, managed to keep them more or less together and they were a good group so it was a pleasure. Feeling a bit jittery in the afternoon so I went out for a quickish 6km.

Sunday – Had to work over night, testing and mucking around (grrr, won’t bore you with the tedious details) between 10pm and 1130pm, then had to do it again anywhere between 2am and 3am. Decided that I didn’t want to go to bed to be woken again so I stayed up and watched the Tour de France time trial. Andy Schleck surprised by pulling out a great TT and Contador had to work hard, in the end Contador had Schleck’s measure by 39 seconds. Then I dozed on the couch while watching bad late night TV until I got a text message at 1:45am saying that testing could start at 2, thank goodness! Still, it took a bloody hour and by the time I crawled into bed at 3am I was overtired and couldn’t sleep properly.

Anyway, I dragged myself out for a very tired run at around midday and managed 19.5km at a respectable pace and with a few decent hills, honestly, I am going to find a dead flat course to do my long run on next week!

Not very exciting really, my brain in fried, I will go back to being witty and clever when I have more time on my hands again, just wanted to let the world know I am still around.

Because it’s there

18 Jul

Wow, I am the worlds WORST hill runner and that is no point of exaggeration, I hit a speed bump and my body starts to complain. We had 8km cross country at Bundoora Park yesterday, not super hilly but not exactly flat either, still, I did somehow manage to squeeze out a PB over last year by 1:07, in spite of this weeks appalling training and feeling pretty crappy. But you should see the splits, the slowest Km was in the region of 5:28 and the quickest was 4:30, just looking at the splits you could tell where the hills were. It’s not for want of trying, as much as I suck at them I certainly have not avoided them in my training. More strength on the inclines would have certainly translated into a better time yesterday.

Last night I stayed out at the McCleary B&B in Montrose, AKA, Mum and Dads house. Mum is in Thailand and my Step Dad was in Canberra overnight for his brothers birthday, so I was on dog sitting duty. Cats are much more low maintenance, you can give them dinner and nick off for the night and they won’t freak out. But Dogs need putting out and bringing in and stuff, that’s OK, they are cute little things and my parents house is very peaceful and has a lovely view. I ended up spending the night on the couch because I fell asleep in front of the Tour, the sisters (Thelma and Louise) are supposed to sleep downstairs in the laundry, the old boy, Patch (a cross between a wombat and a hobbit) is allowed to sleep upstairs, but I took pity and we all stayed upstairs together.

I figured I would do my long run first thing, before heading back home, so, in a moment of insanity (considering my aforementioned hopelessness up hills) I decided to run up the Mt Dandy Tourist Road to Olinda and then back down to the house via the trails down the mountain.

Turned out to be a pretty good run, it was a beautiful clear morning and I set off, very slow and steady, fully expecting to need rests and walk breaks. In the end I made to Olinda all in one go, no breaks, no walking, just plodding away at about 6:40 per km. It was almost exactly 10km to Olinda, though only 8km uphill, just before the William Rickets sanctuary the road went down and then flattened for the last 2km, it took me 64 minutes to get to Olinda.

Then I turned down Olinda Basin Road for 1km before ducking right on to the trail “down” the side of the mountain, though for a downhill run it has more than it’s fair share of ups as well, all up 17.6km, not the fastest of runs but a very satisfying end to an ordinary week.

Though right before getting back home some horrible yappy little dog was all over the road and latched itself on to my shoe, I had to shake the little bugger off, the freaking thing goes me every time I pass that house, it’s going to bite the wrong person one day and it will be lights out.

Anyway, here is my adventure, you will have to click “to view in metric” in the top right corner.

Untitled by emma1973 at Garmin Connect – Details.

And the final word goes to Spongebob

Celebrity Pictures - Spongebob Squarepants - Calm Down
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Really quick update here

16 Jul

Feeling flatter than a really flat thing this week (too flat to come up with a witty simile), my two interval training sessions this week have been appalling (and that is being generous), just can’t seem to kick up a gear at the moment, I feel pretty leaden to be honest, my legs don’t want to work.

Though I did have a great tempo sort of run on Monday, went 3km longer than planned because the weather was so glorious.

Que Sera Sera, I am sure it’s just a small slump and I can’t really be bothered fretting about it. Though……a week after I got back from Queensland my sister in law found out she has glandular fever, eeeeeeek , that I DON’T need, though given that I didn’t snog my sister in law I am pretty sure I am in the clear, it’s been 4 weeks and apart from being overly worn out I don’t have any other symptoms (yes! I goggled it).

Beki, I’ve been regularly doing reformer pilates for a year now, with the odd mat class thrown in here and there. In the last couple of weeks I’ve bumped it up to 3 reformer classes a week because I enjoy it and I am starting to get quite strong so I wanted more of a challenge. I’d say it took me about 3 months to start to notice the difference. I feel that my posture has improved and I can definitely feel it when I run, especially when I am racing, I am able to hold my form better. Though I can’t say that I have a nice flat well defined torso, well, I probably do, but at the moment it is hidden under the result of too many Haighs honey comb block binges :oops: But hey, it’s not about looking good, it’s about being strong and that I most certainly am! Also, it’s not just the core that is worked on, reformer also works the glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, back and upper body, it’s a good all round strength routine and really suites someone like me who loathes going out on the gym floor to lift weights. In the last couple of weeks I’ve finally been able to do a full set of 100s with leg extension on the reformer, I worked up from 50 with the legs at 90 degrees/50 at extension, phew, that’s hard work!

So stick with it, at first you need to concentrate on form and body awareness, but before you know it you’ll start to feel the benefits, it’s just like running, consistency will be rewarded. I can’t prove that it has helped keep me injury free over the last year but I am sure it’s helped.

Running away from home

11 Jul

to my other home, or the town that my old home used to be in, but Mum lives in a different house now.


When I do my long runs I prefer to do a loop, or if I can scam a lift then point to point, mostly I try to avoid out and back because I get bored.

So this morning I ran from my house to my parents, Blackburn to Montrose. I guessed around 20km, when I stopped my watch at the bottom of their street it was 20km exactly! The road up to my parents is fearsome steep, low gear in the car steep, so I’ll confess, I walked out the last 200 metres. It was a gorgeous morning for a run, even wore sun glasses for the first time in ages, really absolutely perfect conditions.

Except I was feeling a bit crappy, not sure why, just flat, ran just under 6 minute kms :shock: Also the hills that are rolling when I am driving out to Montrose felt considerably more challenging on foot, still, what doesn’t kill me and all that….

No biggie, I am coming off 3 rather slack weeks so I suppose getting back up to 75km this week was going to tire me out.

Also I had a weird nights sleep, had some really odd dreams, kept waking up thinking WTF?

Got to mums a bit stuffed, forgot that she never has any sugary stuff in the house (has to watch her diet, bit of a candidate for Type 2 diabetes and has high blood pressure, best she doesn’t keep the stuff around she is not supposed to eat), soooo, gasping for a sweet drink I went Kenyan and opted for a very sweet cup of tea, then mum took pity and treated me to breakfast out then drove me home.

More Le Tour tonight, Cadel has got himself into second yesterday and they are heading in to the hills, thought about that when I was slogging up speed bumps by comparison this morning.

While I am on the subject, what the hell where the people at Footon-Sevetto thinking when they chose this years kit? Gak!

This is cute

This isn’t

On the other hand, this is quite fetching and meets with my approval

Le Tour de Tired

8 Jul

Haven’t been off sulking, last Sunday is a long distant memory, left behind in the whirl of a busy week at work and back into training.

My manager is off work for 7 weeks, she is recovering from surgery, this means that I am currently trying to do two jobs, hers and mine and I am a man down this week with a team mate on leave (school holidays, meanwhile I had to cancel a weeks leave I had at the start of August, but hey, I don’t have kids so can go to hell basically).

But I ‘aint sacrificing my training, or watching Le Tour (well, at least the first hour before I fall asleep) so haven’t had time to post any updates because generally I grab about 45 minutes sleep when I do get home, just to catch up a bit, before rousing to watch some of he cycling.

So, quickly

Monday – Pilates before work and an easy 8km ish after, couldn’t get out of the office in time to get to training

Tuesday – freakishly cold sleeplek before work, first double day in 3 weeks, 6.5km
Did a session by myself afterwork, 6 by 750 metres, not my best effort, about 5 seconds per rep slower than usual

Wednesday – Pilates before work, rest day and massage

Thursday – another early morning sleeplek, lovely conditions this morning, 9 degrees, even took my long sleeve top off halfway and finished in a T-Shirt.
Track tonight, 11 by 200 with a 200 float, didn’t bother timing the reps, we all know I suck at short reps, just tried to get around at my slow and steady pace :-) At least the ducks didn’t laugh at me this time.

Ok, Le Tour is calling and I missed my 45 minute nap this evening.

Looking forward to the weekend and some more sleep.

Como Landing (not quite) Half Marathon

4 Jul

The cat will mew and dog will have his day

Though sadly

Frailty, they name is woman was more apt today

I got a stitch, a bad one, it set in around the 4km mark and wouldn’t shift. I gave in at the 12km drink station and stopped, had a drink and a stretch and kept going. I didn’t loose too much time with that, still managing to run 5:08 for the km and started to rally.

Unfortunately it came back pretty quickly, I made it 14.5km, had to stop again and decided to pull out. I’d started to loose too much time with the stopping and couldn’t see any point in running it out for a sub par time.

I am a bit pissed off but you can only run so far with a knife stabbing under your ribs :roll: There was a guy chatting in my ear about 10km in who I absolutely wanted to kill! I was breathing quite shallowly in some half arsed attempt to ease the stitch and he was nattering away telling me I looked like I’d probably run about 30 half marathons (do I look that old?!), I got out that this was only my 4th. Then he said that I was running like I had more experience than that, at which point I had to say I was struggling through a really bad stitch and couldn’t really chat. Seriously, call me cranky and anti social but I hate it when people try and talk to me when I am racing!!

I was feeling very positive going into this one, especially after the good 15km at Ballarat a few weeks ago, I wasn’t even that anxious today, especially as I felt so good during a little warm up.

The good news is that up until the second time I stopped I was running pretty much to plan, albeit rather painfully.

Still, I haven’t flogged myself so it will be back into training with a vengeance next week and there are plenty more half marathons to run.

But if it’s ok I am going to spend the rest of today in a bit of a mood.

And before anyone asks I did everything pre race I would normally do so I have no bloody idea where the stitch came from.

15:30 – I got bored of sulking because it dawned on me that as of today I am officially stress fracture free for two whole years, I am off to find a rather large piece of wood to knock on :-)


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