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Who pissed off Jack Frost?

29 Jun

I am supposed to be writing a request to our Telco provider to have them conduct some work for us, so obviously this is an opportune moment to update my blog.

It’s been a while since I’ve run a goal half marathon so I’d forgotten what it was like to taper, but it’s all come back to me………

Double, triple and quadruple review training program leading up to the race, not that anything can be changed but as some sort of reassurance that the work has been done, then in a fit of almost pathological obsession check against lead up to the race in which I ran my PB to satisfy myself that heaps more work has been done this time around.

Spend 2 hours researching half marathon tapers on the internet, again, not that anything can be changed at this late stage but reassuring to know that I have made the right decisions (as long as I stick to websites that espouse the approach I have taken).

Settle on my goal time and work out 5km splits.

Check the Melways and figure out where I am going to park, and then work out at least 2 back up options in case every other participant decides to park in the same place.

Though there is one significant difference, it is a freak out free zone; I am excited and looking forward to race.

Friday it was cold and wet, thank goodness for my Friday arvo running buddy, we were both sooky about the conditions but glad by the time that we finished that we had got the run in.

I ran 11km at Lysterfield on Saturday morning, it was freaking cold but sunny, then the day turned to a big pile of poo, cold, wet and horrible, so I was mighty glad I’d got the run in early.

Sunday, well, I opted out! It’s been a while since I’ve missed a Sunday run and I spent the day doing all the stuff that I am usually too exhausted to do by the time Sunday rolls around, the house is cleaner than it has been in ages.

Training last night was 400s (ish, it’s a track around a footy oval, not precisely 400), 3 reps of 3 by 400 with 130 metre float and full lap between reps. Waverley Park was at its artic best, with a nice wind blowing up directly from Antarctica to keep up company.

I decided to ease off the pace a little, just get a bit of turnover happening but not full tilt. This meant that I could do the floats at a quicker pace for a good tempo session; in the end I finished the 9 reps only about 25 seconds slower overall than I normally would.

Tomorrow is rest and massage, I’ll train again on Thursday but tempo again, not all out, then finally an easy 6km on Friday with just some strides on Saturday.

Am ready to go, can I race now?!

Nostalgia, The Fauves just came on the radio, ahhh, little Gen X trip down memory lane, memories of sweaty smoky pubs and smelling of stale beer, ears ringing for a day afterwards and lost voices, I saw them and Regurgitator play one night in St Kilda one night many moons ago, back when I could still do that on a work night and not be a drooling zombie the next day.

Zip a dee doo dah

25 Jun

And now I’ve gone off on a tangent in my mind because I am remembering that scene in Fletch Lives where Chevy Chase is fantasising about the Southern mansion his Aunt Belle has left him. He’s dressed up like Col. Sanders, there is a cartoon bluebird flitting around, pretty girls and plantation slaves dancing and he’s singing Zip a dee doo dah, it’s corny as hell and god knows he’s made some crap films but Fletch and Fletch Lives are freaking brilliant.

But I digress, wildly

After a very good 9 weeks of training (only a one bad week with a sinus thing) my half marathon is only a week away now, after my dismal 10km at Sandown at the end of May I had a bit of a mental wobble. However the 15km at Ballarat on the weekend just gone has steadied the course and I am confident and relaxed. With a few days to reflect I’ve realised that I’d never run significantly and consistently under 5 minute kms over that distance, ever! My current half PB of 1:44:38 has me just scraping under at 4:58, that PB is almost 4 years old and came off the back of much less mileage and speedwork.

I’ve set my goal for next week and have my plan, no predictions please, they stress me out!

So for now I will try not to get too jittery during the taper and stay far away from anyone who is sneezing or coughing or breaking out in big black boils or bleeding from the eyes or wearing white pleather cowboy boots with tassels or worse still, jeggings (dear god, why!!!!!)

I digress again

So, tapering, that means nothing too special on the running front

Monday – Miles, I already said
Tuesday – Super easy 9.8km
Wednesday – rest and much needed massage, oh my hammies, oh my right calf
Thursday – 20 minute tempo run (cue happy dance for one of my favourite sessions), another confidence booster here, the improvement over the year on this one has been outstanding, I’ve prepared a little table, there were probably some sessions between August 09 and October 09, only I looked really quickly so didn’t capture everything

Date Dist Pace
24/06/10 4.42km 4:32
22/04/10 4.32km 4:39
08/04/10 4.38km 4:33
01/10/09 4.27km 4:41
07/08/09 4.12km 4:51

Check it out, not bad huh?

Friday, another happy dance

Group run at Lysterfield Lake tomorrow, happy polka

Female red head running the country, happy tango, come on, I had to slip that one in. All those nasty little buggers who teased me in primary school, cop that, I told you we’d run the world (ok, country, it’s a start) one day, not that I am bitter or anything :lol: Do you know that someone once said to my face “I’ve never met a good looking red head” and that was at uni, seriously, I had no response to that, it was just so moronic. As for the cliché about all red heads being short tempered, maybe having to put up with all the smart arsery has something to do with it, there are only so many lame comments on ones appearance a person can take. I wouldn’t trade my red hair and freckles for anything, I once tried to bleach my freckles off, it kind of hurt and it didn’t work, I love them now.

Ok, didn’t mean to turn that in to a tirade.

Zip a dee doo dah

Miles and Miles and Miles

22 Jun

But not Miles, 3 were enough.

I was planning on tapering for a week and a half, but after last weeks slacko performance up north I suppose by default I’ve started a little earlier. The race on Saturday has definitely boosted my confidence somewhat, especially as I finished well.

Though……..I was a little stiff and tired on Sunday so I only ran for just over an hour, 12km, to shake out the cobwebs, I suppose a bit over 16km on Saturday was my long run.

Last night I turned up to training thinking Hmmmmm, might be a bit of a struggle today, oh well, can always jog around the track and save the session for Tuesday, my hammies are still pretty tight.

But, remarkably my legs generally seem to behave when it’s time to train.

Long reps last night (yay!), mile reps on a 9 minute cycle, 3 or 4, no chance of pushing through for 4 though I quit while I was ahead this time. Last time I did this type of session it wasn’t on the flat path around the Waverley Park Oval, rather we did the mile loop at the show grounds in Berwick and this was on a 10 minute cycle.


Started out slow for the first one, settled in and managed to finish well, I had someone on my shoulder for most of it which kept me honest, the figure in brackets is from the other session earlier this year (which was about 1.57km, last night was 1.62km), good to see some significant improvement :-)

7:15 (7:10)
7:02 (7:12)
6:58 (7:29)

Now, I need to make the most of my last day off before heading back to work tomorrow.

XCR10 Round 4 – 15km Road Race

20 Jun

A week away from home, irregular meals (and generally not the healthiest meals), too much wine (waaay too much wine), not enough sleep, totally messed up my training and late home on Friday night due to delays at the airport.

By the time I was in the car driving to Ballarat yesterday I was a tad cranky and resigned to going through the motions :roll: Luckily I had a friend coming along to watch the race, company made a long car trip pass in a flash.

Fffffffar out it was cold when we got out of the car, but the door wasn’t ripped out of my hand so it wasn’t as windy as last year, that was some consolation, oh, and it wasn’t raining.

Soooooo, did a short warm up and felt less crap than I thought I would, a quick pep talk from a friend and off to the start line. There was very little standing around before I heard the whistle and then the gun, while things can go off timetable during the summer there isn’t much mucking about during the winter comp, if the start is 2pm you better be there!

The course was around Lake Wendouree in Ballarat, a little out and back and then two laps of the lake for 15km. My legs felt pretty stiff but other than that I was surprisingly comfortable, I’d decided to start easy, around 5 minute kms, for the first 5km and then see if I could pick it up for a stronger finish.

:lol: I rarely do as I plan

The first 9km were fab, I felt comfortable, I occupied myself by trying to catch groups ahead of me, I’d run along with a little pack, move away, catch the next one and so on. I had a team mate in sight and thought I was getting close around the 5km mark until she rallied and put on a surge. Somewhere around the 7km mark I caught and passed Jo, we had brief words and I said “I may be seeing you again” ;-)

From 9km on it was a different story, I ran into a headwind and I was back in no women’s land, remarkably though I wasn’t feeling at all negative, it’s a good course and I just buckled down and went back to my strategy of trying to catch people. Finally, just after 10km I managed to draw alongside my team mate Corrie, now I am never faster than Corrie so I figured it wasn’t the best day for her and we may as well try and tough out the last 5km side by side.

Rather prophetically Jo caught me with about 2km to go and I’ll admit I had my first real wobble and gave up a little bit, but with about 1500 to go I gave myself a mental slap over the back of the head and rallied. Giving it my all I gasped something along the lines of “this is all I’ve got”, Stu (who was pacing with Jo) told me to keep it up, I tacked on, kept my eyes on Jo’s back, very wary of what a 400/800 metre specialist might do over the closing half a km and tried to hold on.

We both ended up falling over the line 2 seconds apart, Jo, then me, followed very closely by Corrie.

My finish time was 1:10:48 which was a PB of 3:12!!

A much more enjoyable run than last years Lake Wendouree where I limped over the line in 1:17:xx. Last year I was on my own too, this year we had a full point scoring women’s team and again we were all quite close with our number 1 finishing in 1:06:30

Soooooo, feeling heaps more confident ahead of my half marathon in two weeks time, especially noting the improvement since the 10km at Sandown only 3 weeks ago. There I was dry retching over the finish line and was a mess running a very average 47:09, yesterday I pass 10km in 47:27, felt pretty good and finished the race with a smile, not doubled over heaving. Obviously in future I should be a little less stressed about a less than perfect lead up to a race.

Splits were a little haywire though (and I think the last km was a tad short), so will have to be more disciplined about sticking to the HM plan in two weeks time.

1 – 4:47
2 – 4:46 9:33
3 – 4:40 14:13
4- 4:42 18:55
5- 4:48 23:43
6- 4:43 28:26
7 – 4:40 33:06
8 – 4:39 37:45
9 – 4:47 42:32
10 – 4:55 47:27
11 – 4:50 52:17
12 – 4:52 57:09
13 – 4:49 61:58
14 – 4:39 66:37
15 – 4:09 70:46


17 Jun

Moi? Yeah, alright.

I couldn’t let it go and although Wednesday is a rest day I went out and did a session in the morning. Lucky for me my sister lives near a park that contains a proper grass Aths track. It is far enough away for a decent warm up, if I go the long way. The grass was nicely mown so when I got there I decided to go barefoot for my strides, then it felt so good I decided (against better judgement) to go barefoot for the rest of the session.

I hadn’t really thought it through, in the end I decided on the session we did a few weeks ago in Berwick, 1600, 1200, 800 & 400 metres, except I was feeling lazy and didn’t do the 200 float, I walked to the drink tap and back instead.

I really enjoyed running barefoot, it felt natural and after putting my sneakers back on again for the run back home I felt heavy and clunky again. I always assumed I was too biomechanically unsound for barefoot running and long term probably am, but it felt great yesterday and nothing hurts that shouldn’t today.

I was tempted to head out again today but pulled back, I do need a rest day.

Kind of peeved that this week is going to be lighter than it should be, I wasn’t planning on starting the HM taper until the middle of next week. J U S T L E T I T G O

This could go partway to explaining the unshod running, Riley has taken a liking to Aunty Ems shoes. Tomorrow is his first birthday, all the fairy bread I can eat!


15 Jun

Last week was my biggest in a very long time, finishing just shy of 80km. I turned my weekend around and ran long on Saturday and shorter on Sunday before flying to Brisbane. Once getting to Brissie I had an almost 2 hour drive to Toowoomba in the dark ahead of me, I didn’t need post long run weariness weighing me down. As it was my right knee wad giving me gyp so I had to stop at a couple of servos to stretch it out.

Unfortunately away from my routine i’ve become a wee bit slack. I did do ok yesterday, I found a decent, albeit very hilly trail near my brothers house for a good run of just over 9km. Things starred well this morning with 6.5km on a glorious winter morning in the hills. It is seriously beautiful in Toowoomba at this time of year, kind of like Bright in autumn, but warmer.

Then I drove to my sisters, the wine was opened and somehow my motivation for a solo interval session went walkabout.

Nothing for it, will just have to do something tomorrow instead.

I wasn’t planning on a rest week until after the half marathon at the start of July so I’ll have to regain some momentum.

And try to drink a little less wine……..

week is over and no one had to die

11 Jun

11 whole days away from the office :-)

The week was one of those ones when relatively simple tasks were made difficult and frustrating by stupid and illogical processes that I have no control over, honestly, life would be alot easier if everyone just did things my way, ie, the right way.

Anyway, ’tis done now, I have wine and I no longer care.

Phew, those hills on Monday were tough, my back and quads were are tight as hell by the time I had my massage on Wednesday.

Tuesday was nothing special, sleeplek in the morning and an easy 9km in the afternoon.

Thursday I woke up to pouring rain, laying in bed I am thinking aghhhhhhhhhhhh, I don’t wanna!!!!! Running in the cold and wet or running on the treadmill at the gym, neither seemed especially appealing. Still I got dressed and out the door, still not sure during the drive in whether to head to the gym or not. By the time I got to the city the rain had stopped and the mere thought of the treadmill was more than I could bear so I pushed myself out and along the Yarra. Despite all my internal whinging it turned out to be an enjoyable run. I honestly don’t know how I am managing to get myself going on these mornings, I don’t consider myself to be especially driven, it’s just a matter of focussing on my goals and reminding myself that I always feel better if I do run than if I don’t.

Thursday night was just the sort of session I love, 3 by 8 minutes with a 3 minute recovery :-)

Great session, got settled in and ran consistently –


I probably could have done one more (shhhhhhhh, don’t tell)

Easy run Friday has turned into easy run gossip Friday as I’ve been able to catch up with a mate for a run the last couple of weeks, with two very talkative women 8km passes in a flash.

Friday Freak(s) of the week

I wonder if anyone has told him that he is being ridden by a Wolf?

And why so serious?

And most disturbingly, I think he’s pouting.

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