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Sooky La La

30 Apr

And another 8.8km after work, an odd number as it was a spin around the block via the supermarket towards the end.

Thursday was more sleeplek in the morning followed by club training out in Berwick in the evening. Bends and Straights around the grass track, easy on the bends, harder on the straights, 8 laps, f*cking awful, I hate short stuff, takes me too long to get going and my two fast twitch fibres were not cooperating as I crawled slug like around 3.3 something Kms in about 15:30, even the ducks on the infield were mocking me (though it is conceivable that imaging that bird life is taking the mick could be considered a tad irrational, it is more likely that they were excited about a particularly juicy worm).

I was going to run this morning, so I could have a longer break before tomorrows cross country, but 3 sleepleks in one week is one sleeplek too far and the snooze button got a good hammering. I’ll do an easy 8km this afternoon; I can’t see how it will have a negative impact on racing at 130 tomorrow afternoon.

Round 1 of the Cross Country and Road racing season starts tomorrow and kicking off with the traditional 6km relay at Jells and happy to say that my club has an Open Women’s team ready to race.

I am struggling with my confidence at the moment (damn, that is hard to admit, traditionally I am your paper over the cracks type of person, put on a brave face and for pity sake don’t show any weakness!), but what the hell, a problem shared and all that. Training is going well, apart from a brief flirtation with Mr Lurgy 2 weeks ago and a soul shattering short rep session last night, but I just feel kind of heavy and useless at the moment. Not heavy heavy, but heavy in my head, it’s frustrating because it causes me to write myself off before I have even tried, wow, I can be flaky sometimes. I think it’s best to focus on small goals and not be overwhelmed by the bigger things right now. I am not going to dwell much on my time tomorrow, I am going to instead concentrate on starting out conservatively and running a negative split and not crashing on the second lap like I have every other time I’ve run this course (3 years now) and the time will be what it will be.

Yup, that sounds good, do that Em.

And do try to cheer the f*ck up

And why am I being all prissy with the *s?

Because even at the age of 36, I can still hear my mother lecturing me about not using unladylike language.

Reports of cold mornings have been greatly exaggerated

27 Apr

Sorry Mr Twain

I don’t pay a huge amount of attention to the weather reports, if its summer it’s bound to be warm, if its winter it’s bound to be chilly and I have enough surplus gear floating around the back of my car to allow me to adapt to the prevailing conditions. Then I noticed last night on the ubiquitous Facebook that a few people were expressing concern about the weather turning arctic overnight and I braced myself for my first truly cold morning run of the year.

As it happens the minor hysteria was unfounded, my heating didn’t come on in the morning, so it was at least 17 degrees inside the house, I went to the loo and my feet didn’t freeze to the tiles (it’s the coldest room in the house), another good sign. I dressed for my run in shorts and a long sleeved top, within about 5 minutes the sleeves were up, it was a perfectly lovely morning; brass monkey weather is surely on the way, but not today.

So a bit of a catch up, going quiet usually means one of a few things, I am injured (no), I am sick (no), I am running like crap (no) or I have descended into a mood and don’t feel like talking (snap!). No, it’s not a PMS thing, I’ve just been in a mood because you know, I am like, complex and stuff :lol: in another time and place I’d have spent the last couple of days standing on a bleak moor howling into the wind pointlessly before being saved from myself by some patronising Austenesque hero.

As it happens Austenesque heroes are a bit thin on the ground these days and I am a modern woman and perfectly capable of dragging myself of the moor and seem to be a in a slightly more chipper mood this morning.

Now, where was I?

Friday – Umm, what did I do? Something around 10.5km in a warm rain, I got soaked but it was lovely.

Saturday – a hilly 7.5km around home, it was a little bit shit, just one of those do it because it’s on the plan runs

Sunday – The Inaugural Eyjafjallajoekull Volcano Half Marathon was kicked off with a small, exclusive invitation only field. It was run along a scenic out and back accurately measured course along the Main Yarra Trail starting in Templestowe, there was a hoard of hoppy race marshals, they were very cute but were of little help and refused to bring us any sports drink. The event was self supported with a few drink taps along the way, stopping to take a few photos was encouraged and the event culminated in a very exciting sprint finish and the two participants crossed the line together in just over 1:53.

Ok, it was my attempt to make up for the fact that a friend of mine was not able to run the London Marathon this weekend as a certain volcano in Iceland meant that she could not fly to the UK last week.

Monday – I went for a bushwalk around Olinda before lunch, it was only about 7km but there was a fair bit of climbing over the second half, it was a gorgeous crisp day and I totally earned my Devonshire tea.

Then in the evening as I was driving to training I was waiting at the intersection of Jells and Wellington Road, I looked down the hill and a small, barely perceptible shiver passed though me, “Hmmmmm” I though to myself, “It’s been a while since we’ve done those hill reps down there”

Guess what we did last night?

Go on, I bet you’ll never pick it!

OK, I’ll let you know

Hill Reps!!

Curses! Damn bushwalking, what was I thinking?!

6 by 2 minutes, somehow, in spite of the fact that each one felt more painful than the last I managed to complete them all at a fairly consistent pace.

I seem to ne having a bit of trouble getting up out of my chair today.

Today – A very very easy 6.5km before work.

chirp chirp chirp

22 Apr

Terry and I have reached an uneasy detente, that is, he is still chirping away outside my bedroom and I now have some earplugs, so he still did his thing last night and I managed to get some sleep.

Hopefully the rain will stick around a bit tonight because that shuts him up as well, or one of the magpies that hang out in the yard snacks on him tomorrow.

I’ve managed to train reasonably well this week and the remnants of last weeks lurgy have just about been shaken off.

Tuesday – under the cover of a pretty spectacular lightening storm (though at times a little close for comfort) we did 400 metre reps, I did 3 sets of 3 with a 130 metre floating recovery and a 500(ish) float between sets.

Phew, 9 by 400, that was pretty tough.

Not a bad effort, averaged around 1:45 per rep so a little off what I would normally do but at least it was consistent.

Thursday – the usual sleeplek this morning, around 6.5km

Tempo run out in Berwick this evening, just a smidge quicker than 2 weeks ago, though felt a little harder this time and I totally crashed on the hill on the way back, so there is some lingering fatigue from last week.

Short ‘n sweet, can’t seem to find the words at the moment


20 Apr

Ahab had his Whale, Peter Costello had John Howard, Blur had Oasis and I have Terry the Territorial Cricket!

This little Indian summer we are having is playing funny buggers with the local wildlife, more specifically on Terry the Territorial Cricket who has taken up residence right outside my bedroom and is busy trilling and chirping ALL BLOODY NIGHT!!! As I lay in bed, unable to get to sleep I contemplate ripping Terry’s wings off to shut him up, if only I could find the little bugger, you would swear he was sitting right on the door step outside the french doors, I am sure I can hear his little legs brushing against the screen door, but I’ve looked, I can’t see him anywhere. All I know is that he has his patch and he has refused to budge for the last 3 nights and I am becoming slightly homicidal, or should that be insecticidal?

I could sleep on the couch I suppose, but it isn’t very comfortable, so either way I am stuffed until Terry gets his leg over or moves on or dies.

Lurgy Update!
Feeling considerably better, about 95% back to my usual self, but still feeling a touch washed out.

I did rest on Sunday, no run at all, slept in until 8am (that’s a big sleep in for me), fed the cats, made a cup of tea and malingered in bed until 930am (damn near unheard of), did some chores which tired me out so back to bed again in the afternoon for more sleeping and then an early night, slept OK, save for Terry’s incessant chirping.

I went for an easy 8km run last night, no watch or garmin, it was mostly fine though Andersen Street was a bit of a chore. I pushed the pace just a little in the middle to see how it felt, it wasn’t comfortable but no stomach cramps.

This morning I did an easy 6.5km, it was harder than it usually is at that time of day, but again, no stomach cramp.

I think it will just take the rest of this week to get my momentum back, but things seem OK, I’ve got training tonight which will be a more telling test, I’ll ease in and see how I go.

The main problem now is that my appetite still isn’t back, normally I would give a plague of locusts a run for their money, I love food! But right now I am still very blah on everything apart from cheese and crackers and tinned fruit (especially pineapple), my usual I don’t feel very well staples, but a women, let alone a runner can’t exist on these things alone so it better come back soon.

Oh and my right ear is still blocked, I can’t hear properly, it’s proving to be quite useful here at work.

A question answered
From a few post ago, when John asked what the increased mileage is for, I’ve been sitting on high 50 to mid 60s for about a year so now that I’ve got a solid base with no injury I am adding a bit to bring it up to low to mid 70s. I want to run a mid year half marathon so it’s time to start putting the work in if I want a good time, also ‘tis the season for racing over longer distances so it was time to step up the training.


17 Apr

The lurgy has won


10.5km last night, ok but not great, feels like I am running with one lung.

Attempted another session this morning, gorgeous crisp morning down at Jells, warm up and strides alright but again halfway into the first rep I was doubled over again. I am alright at 5:30 pace or slower, any faster and my stomach twists in a knot.

So I gave up and ran out a very slow 10km.

And as much as it pains me I admit defeat, no long run tomorrow, just lots of very tedious laying about resting, what a waste of such a lovely weekend.

That’ll learn me to be all excited about the improvements last week won’t it!

In the meantime, Aths Vic have asked the clubs to come up with a catchy nickname, along the lines of Richmond Tigers, Adelaide Crows, Brisbane Lions, that sort of thing.

Easy if you happen to be Richmond Harriers, Essendon or Collingwood, a bit trickier for us

So Casey Cardinia {insert clever, appropriate and cool nickname here}????

All suggestions welcome

excuse me, that’s not in the plan

16 Apr

I may have mentioned it before, I can be a tad rigid at times, I think the words Control Freak may have been mentioned in the same breath as my name on more than one occasion by those who know and love tolerate me.

So on Wednesday when I started to get the chills and then the sweats, followed by my head starting to feel like it was in a vice I knew an ill wind was blowing and I tried to pretend it wasn’t happening.

No, sorry, “getting sick” hasn’t been written in my training plan this week, can’t accommodate that I am afraid.

*sigh* my sinuses had other ideas.

I took the day off work yesterday, dosed up on Sudafed and stayed horizontal for most of the day as it was the only position I could adopt that was vaguely comfortable for my pounding sinus clogged face and aching blocked ears.

By 4pm I was climbing the walls, I was sooooo BORED! I went for a quick walk to the shops and felt ok(ish) so like the idiot that I am I popped some more Sudafed and went to training.

Warm up was ok(ish) but then halfway though the first rep I thought I was going to be sick and I couldn’t breathe.

That was it, I decided to cut my loses and call it quits.

Feeling a bit better today, no Sudafed required, though I talked myself out of a short run this morning in the cold, I’ll try for a relaxed run this afternoon instead.

I talked my brother and sister into a 5km fun run up in Queensland in July, it fits between two AV rounds but we’ll run as a family so it won’t be a hard one. The course goes right past my sisters front door about 1.5km in which is a bit of a novelty. Actually, there wasn’t much convincing needed, I brought it up with them on Tuesday and came back to work today to find they’d both e-mailed me to tell me that they have already entered. I’ve done fun runs with them both seperately so I’m looking forward to us all running together this time :-)

Andrew, don’t worry, I wouldn’t expect most people to get the title from the last post, it’s Irish Gaelic, it means Nothing Without Effort, I used to write it on the inside of my arm before I raced, but then I had it stamped on a silver braclet earlier this year. Possibly a little corny but it serves are a reminder when things get hard and I want to give in.

Tada Gan Iarracht

14 Apr

I bounced back fine from my two runs on Sunday, I was starting to worry that I’d fooled myself into thinking the 10km (ok, 9.8km) was harder than imagined but I definitely did not pull up sore and tired like I would after a racing effort.

Monday nights easy run was around 8.7km, started slow and then warmed up to a good steady pace, in the end I was forcing myself to slow down a little as I was starting to fly along. I was running a different part of the Yarra trail so I was probably just enjoying a change of scenery or maybe trying to finish up before the seriously ominous black clouds let go of their rain.

Tuesday morning I had to give myself a stern talking to, getting out of bed was easy enough, as was getting dressed and driving to the city. Putting one foot in front of the other and heading out for an 8km run was another matter altogether, frankly I was acting like a whiney little sook but whiney little sooks are never going to achieve their goals so I had to be given a good talking to and a kick up the bum. Being your own coach isn’t so bad, but has one distinct disadvantage, that is appearing to be a total psycho when giving your athlete a pep talk :lol:

I didn’t wear a watch, just stayed relaxed, let my mind wander and next thing I knew it was all over and I felt far better than I would have if I’d sloped off to the office and skipped the run.

I fully expected it to be pretty cold yesterday morning, although autumn has well and truly hit us the mornings are still pretty mild, I had my arm sleeves on but they were off after only a Km.

Last night we did a progressive run on a loop of about 1.5km, increasing the pace with each lap. The option was for 3 or 4 laps, given that I am still testing myself out at this increased mileage I opted for 3 laps, 9.3km for the afternoon was more than enough. My mistake in the past was the arrogant belief that I am indestructible, sadly it has been proven to me several times that I am not and I have learned that discretion is the better part of valour and that training is not a competition.

I know, how tedious

It was a good session though and I was happy with how I ran.

So, midway through my fourth big week, how do I feel?

Tired? Yes!
Sore Muscles? Yes!
Hungry? Constantly!
Niggly Shins? NO!

So far so good, I am feeling stronger and more confident, but laurels a very long way from being rested on.


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