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I will not be beaten!

21 May

I went for an easy and gentle 7.5km run after work today. I was standing in my usual spot by the Yarra river, staring through the haze of a fog that never fully lifted and waiting for my garmin to connect with the mothership it occurred to me that what used to be an almost daily ritual felt oddly alien.

After entering today’s run in the log I checked back to see when I had last been in that same spot heading out for a run on my own, it had been 4 weeks! May has been pretty stagnant, 2 weeks rest at the start of the month followed by a gentle return after being told I didn’t have a stress fracture (hallelujah) that was promptly interrupted by a virus and another 4 days off. All my running since my short break has been either in a race or run leading and coaching, so it was wonderful this afternoon to finally head out on my own.

It was nothing special, slow and a little laboured but wonderfully, mercifully pain free, the cold is still lingering though which does not help matters.

I am on my way back again, I’ve missed it, but feel that I have dodged a bullet so easy does it.

It appears I left Queensland just in time on Monday with the south east (where both my brother and sister live) receiving more rain in 24 hours than Melbourne has probably seen in 3 years.

My brother had a prang when his car hit a flooded spot on them motorway and developed a mind of its own, the car is a bit of a mess and probably a write off but my brother is fine.

I found the picture below in the newspaper online, it’s the back of the shopping centre where my sister and brother-in-law have their shop, the bridge is over what is usually a meandering not going anywhere in much of a hurry river. I always look over the bridge when we drive over because there is a path by the river and I always say “hmmm, must try and find a way down there on my next run” and my sister always says “I don’t want you going all they way down there by yourself” by my estimate the water level is about 20 metres :shock:

Oh dear, my television is starting to turn funny colours around the edge of the screen and is intermittently emitting a strange noise (though that could just be that I have accidently flicked on to American Idol), I think I may have to finally concede to upgrading to one of them new fangled plasma thingies I keep hearing about, will have to go see a certain friend who can save me the hassle and just tell me what kind to get, can’t be stuffed doing all the research.


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