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XCR09 Rd 2 Lardner Park 4km XC

10 May

Q – How happy was I that I was able to run cross country yesterday?

A – Very :-)

And due to some mucking about with my Garmin on the start line I had no idea what time I ran until the results came out. Probably for the best really, after 10 days on the bike it was never going to be a good run, better I just get around and enjoy being out there. But of course I need a challenge though, so about half way around I decided to take on the Frankston runner who was right on my shoulder. I got her on the last hill, but because I didn’t want to check behind me, owing to the fact that I was hurtling down the long hill to the finish and didn’t want to go arse over in front of everyone, I had no idea how much of a lead I had on her. Some mates were giving me a cheer about 200 metres from the end so I decided to make an effort and kick a bit, another friend yelled out that I had a decent gap so I just kept running strong to the line.

I just checked the results and I ran 19:30 :oops: even for a tough course that was a pretty shocking time for me to run, cest la vie, I’d have been happy to have run 30 minutes rather than sitting on the sidelines and I really enjoyed myself yesterday.

I did wear spikes, there are some short sharp hills, ditches, a fence to jump (ok, climb over) and a long hill to finish on, if I wore flats I’d have fallen at least 5 times. It’s been a while since I wore the XC spikes and I did roll over my ankle a few times, but no damage.

The good news is my shins feel 100% fine today, I iced and took another anti-inflam at dinner time and gave them a massage before bed. Of course I am not going to be lulled into a false sense of security and start training like crazy, so it was back on the bike this morning for a lack lustre 45 minutes, with another planned for the afternoon.

My plan for the next three weeks is just to rebuild slowly, no speedwork and no consecutive days. Essentially the first half of the XCR season is a write off, I should be in form for the Half Marathon in September and then fit and ready to start chipping away at my 1500 time by spring/summer.


Ughhh, I hate that word

But it is what will get me through this year without a stressie.

I took some pics yesterday, unfortunately photography is not my forte.

The hill to the finish, not straight down the year, we ran across the field and then down

The Open Men lined up to start

Our #1 runner Iseyas

Our #2 young John getting ready to make his move

Two more of our men about to tackle the hill at the start of the second lap


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