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8 May

Thank God, Allah, Jehovah, the flying spaghetti monster, Buddha, the Jedi Council and for good measure let’s chuck in Satan as well, I don’t have a stress fracture.

As I suspected just a case of shin splints and not even a particularly nasty case at that. The Doc had a good prod about my shins and didn’t think they were too bad (all that icing and anti inflaming in the last 10 days has obviously done the trick), not good enough to avoid the dry needling though. I was laying there on the bed, staring at the ceiling and trying to think happy thoughts, turned out to be not so bad this time, just a little sharp intake of breath but no sweating and clenched teeth, this means that there was not too much tightness in there.

So I am allowed to run the 4km cross country tomorrow, I am going to have to find my land legs again, it won’t be pretty but I don’t care, I can run again.

I have just been told to train conservatively for another 4 weeks, which includes not running consecutive days during this time so I’ll still be spending some time on the bike, keep up the icing after a run and take a voltaren 25 before I run (lucky they don’t upset my tummy). I am going to look at going back to Pilates again too, it does cost a bit but I did feel the benefit when I was going regularly a few years ago.

This means that the Sandown 10km on the 30th is not going to be a PB run for me, it will be a pack the ego in a box and run for team points run, I can’t complain, at least I am running.

The Doc was very impressed that I had stopped running as soon as I wasn’t sure; she said she understood how difficult this decision would have been for me but I absolutely did the right thing. Could it be that I have finally learned to read the signs my body is trying to give me?

Phew, what a relief.

Thanks for all the kind thoughts, I must have the most watched shins in running :lol:


PS – Last year when I had my second stress fracture I quoted another Melbourne runner Lisa Weightman who is far better than I will ever be and who has also, like me, faced repeated bouts of stress fractures in the past. As it happens I read another interview with her today and in some spooky serendipity she has recently taken a small break to rest a minor injury. She is quoted as saying

It takes more mental toughness to stop and rest than to train

Amen to that honey.

BTW, if you ever google yourself Lisa I promise I am not injury stalking you :lol:


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