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More holes

23 Jul

than a really holey thing

There were a few things I had lined up for today and now I sit here, laptop on knee totally bereft, sadly I think too much chlorine has seeped into my brain.

10 days off running and 9 days in the pool, not a bad effort really. Tonight’s session was a bit of a no brainer, 65 minutes steady paced, I had music so I did quite a bit of fartlek when a fast songs came on. Thankfully there weren’t too many kids in the pool this afternoon, though there was one strange guy with googles and giant flippers who was doing full laps totally underwater.

Tomorrow I am having a rest day (only my second so far) and am off for a massage instead. A good gauge of how hard I am working in the pool is how my body is feeling and right now I definitely feel like I have been working out, my glutes, shins and shoulders in particular. Not stressed about the shins, that always happens with pool running because of the added force of the water hitting the front of your legs.

:lol: there is someone on The New Inventors right now with some invention that keeps wine tasting fresh longer after it is opened. Ha, I solved that problem years ago, I just finish the bottle before it has a chance to go bad!

Umm, now where was I?

The latest Run For Your Life magazine was waiting for me when I got home and I just finished reading a great article on Lisa Weightman. This is one tenacious woman and her 7 stress fractures over the years certainly put my 2 in perspective (actually my Dr used her as an example on the weekend when she was consoling me). Lisa ran an Australian Olympic B standard in her debut marathon this year at London, after suffering her latest stressie last December, 2:32:32! Now she is off to represent Australia in the Marathon at the Olympics next month. Obviously I am not and never will be in the same league with my own running but it gives me heart that as a runner I can still work towards achieving my own best inspite of the set backs, here’s hoping I don’t have to suffer though another 5 stressies before I get there.

I really loved this quote as it summed up exactly how I was feeling when I drove home from the pool today.

The appointments, the crutches, and the tears required greater support………and more time to devote to rehabilitation, which is a lot harder and time consuming than training itself.

To get out to the pool, get changed, do my session, get changed again, go to the supermarket (for dinner stuff) and get home probably takes an extra hour than when I am just running. It also takes more to motivate yourself to do the tough sessions when you don’t have the support of your training mates.

I admire the athlete that Lisa is, hopefully she can manage her injury and do some great things in the marathon.


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