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21 Jul

Guess what, I went to the pool this afternoon :lol:

5 minute warm up
3 sets of 8 by 90 seconds with 30 second recovery and 2 minutes between sets
2 minute 37 second cool down because boredom threshold was breached ;-)

Worked pretty hard today, managed to get my heart rate up to about 150 bpm during the reps.

I did manage the 90 minutes yesterday and surprisingly it was not as appallingly awful as you would think. It’s all in the attitude really, if you think it will be shit it will be shit, I don’t get all pollyanna about it but I do approach it as a necessary training tool, move it or lose it basically. Having been there before I know that you can retain a surprising level of fitness from pool running and hopefully this time around I won’t need to stick with it as long.

So yesterday’s session ended up being a little less structured than planned, I ended up doing a song fartlek, I had the sanity saving waterproof case for my iPod and would go hard for one song and then just steady for the next and so on and so forth. It helps that I obviously don’t wear specs in the pool which makes it harder to clockwatch.

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments yesterday, though I am a little confused by Stu’s comment, he seems to think that stock cubes may possibly be of some assistance ;-)

When you have a set back you really do just have to get on with it. None of this cheery thinking positive crap, I don’t subscribe to that, positive thought is not going to heal my bones any quicker than being a grumpy cow. But like I said about the pool running, having a shit attitude about it is only going to make the task more tedious, I just remind myself that hard work now will pay off when I am able to run again. I don’t really get people who just fade away and do nothing when they are injured only to go though weeks or months of heartache and struggle when they start back, but that is their choice I suppose, personally if I did nothing I would go insane.

I was going to relate my rather undignified hop around the change room this afternoon while trying to get into my bather bottoms, but I guess I’ll just leave that up to your imagination :lol:

Bone Scan tomorrow stay away from me I shall be full of isotopes.


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