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Only a minor setback

20 Jul

And in order to keep things in perspective I will just keep telling myself that.

Apart from Wednesday (I had something on afterwork) I have been in the pool every day.

Thursday – 3 sets of 8 by 2:30 with 30 second recovery and 2 minutes between sets
Friday – Same as Monday, the pyramid set
Saturday – 8 by 5 minutes with 1 minute recovery
Sunday – will go this afternoon the pool is always quieter on a Sunday arvo, 8 by 5 minutes with 1 minute recovery followed by 15 by 45 seconds hard/15 seconds easy plus 21 minutes steady to round out a 90 minute session.

I saw my doctor yesterday and to be blunt the diagnoses for my right shin is either bad shin splints or another stress fracture. Obviously I am a bit frustrated because I thought I was doing all the right things and it just happened, it’s kind of hard to avoid an injury when it just appears suddenly :roll:

My doc had a good prod around my right shin and the Periosteum was a little inflamed, though the spot that was tender had gone down a bit and wasn’t as touchy as it was earlier in the week. Then the doc went over to the dreaded needle cabinet and started sticking the accupunture needles into my shins :shock: damn I forgot how painful dry needling was, I actually swore :oops: but it does work for me so I gripped the bed sheet, bit my lip, sweated a bit and dealt with it. I was also given a prescription for the nice strong Voltaren anti-inflams, they really do the trick.

I have been given the option of resting for a couple of weeks then gently starting back, or resting for a couple of weeks then gently starting back but getting a bone scan to determine the grade of the injury. Obviously I have opted for the bone scan and will be booking it for as early as possible next week, I need to get back to my Doc before she heads over to China to support the Aus Olympic team.

There is some good news, this time I wasn’t stubborn and stopped running as soon as I pulled up sore so I have minimised the damage. Doc is optimistic that I may only need a 3 week break (yes, even if it is a stressie!) and one week has already passed, then I can start back on a run/walk program that will progress more quickly than the last one I was on.

This week I have vacillated between optimism and the depths of despair, hence I haven’t made any posts. I have felt sorry for myself, decided I am not built for running and may as well give up, sooked extensively and so on and so forth.

But all that really is terribly boring for me to write and more so for you to read and fact is I love the sport I have chosen, I get a buzz out of racing and I am not walking away from it, so I picked myself up and dusted myself off and jumped back in the pool. Besides what is 3 weeks when I can name at least 5 mates who have had far longer lay offs than that in the last year, it would be more than churlish of me to complain.

Am just a little bit peeved at missing out on my goal race for the year though, the AV Half Marathon is on 7 September and it would be overly ambitious to think that I would be fit enough with only 5 weeks prep that will mostly involve run/walk. Unlike Paula Radcliffe I prefer to operate within the realms of reality, then again I also don’t have access to wizz bang anti gravity treadmills either.

There will be other half marathons.


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