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Trying not to panic

13 Jul

I was happy with my run yesterday, 4km cross country at Geelong on a twisty undulating course with fairly varied terrain, grass, woodchip, gravel, soft pine and carpet (on the road to protect those of us wearing spikes).

Having not run this course I did a reccy about an hour beforehand, just a slow easy 4km to check out the lay of the land, if I hadn’t have done this I probably would not have raced as comfortably. After a look at the course I decided that I would wear my XC spikes, a good decision in the end as I reckon they help on the uphills.

I lined up with Jo who was instructed by her coach to stick behind me for the first Km to stop her going out too fast, so no pressure on me then :lol: . I settled into a nice rhythm going down the first hill and set about executing my strategy of making up some speed on the downhill and maintaining a consistent pace and not loosing it on the uphills. Having Jo on my shoulder also helped push me though as I concentrated on not taking a peek behind me and thus exposing to her any weakness, I fear her 800 mtre speed which I will NEVER match, my only chance was to keep enough distance between us to avoid a sprint finish where she would totally own me. Another motivation was a club mate who I have never beaten, she is my carrot being just that little bit faster than me, who was only about 5 metres ahead of me the whole time. On the last hill I took her and we exchanged a couple of words of encouragement, after all we are team mates and were running in the same division. In the end she ended up just piping me on the line and was given a finish time 3 seconds ahead of me so I continue to chase her.

I was happy to cross the line in 18:39 and will surely better that next year. Jo followed me very closely in 18:49 and I have no doubt that with another good year behind us both that this time next year there will be a great tussle between us for line honours, buy your tickets early folks it will be the race of the season ;-)

I had a rather late one last night, sitting around a table with nibbles and endless bottles of champers with Jo, Jay, Michelle and Corrie, much gossip and merriment ensued and of course the Gold Coast Marathon post mortem from the Dynamic Duo.

Getting to bed at 2am meant I only had about 5 hours sleep before getting up again to rendezvous with Jo for our 90 minute long run this morning. Nursing a mild hangover and with a cool windy morning greeting me I was mighty glad I had a running date because it would have been all too easy to crash out on the couch today, especially with my body feeling a bit sore and stiff from yesterday.

The less said about the run the better really, about 15.5km in about 88 minutes, there was a massive amount of bitching, moaning, sooking, whingeing and I am surprised there were no tears and this was just from me :oops: It was cold and we were greeted by a rather disgusting head wind on the return leg, not to mention a rogue child that nearly took Jo’s feet from under her, little shit even had the temerity to laugh, lucky neither of us had the energy to chase after him. Both of us were pretty stiff after yesterday and had to stop for a couple of stretches.

Now to the not panicking bit……

….I had my rest week last week, however this week has been pretty light on too with only 42km in the diary. Frustratingly instead of feeling refreshed from the easy week my damn right leg has decided to start playing up on me. One day I was fine and then the next I wake up with a tender spot on my shin, on the inside up near my right knee. I got stuck in with the ice and also had a massage on Thursday which reduced the swelling, by Friday it felt much better and I pulled up fine after racing yesterday. However I am not too happy with how it is feeling today after the long run so I am hereby imposing a weeks rest to see if it resolves itself, as it happens I have a doctors appointment on Saturday for my regular blood test so obviously I will get her to have a look at it. I am taking an optimistic line, it does not feel the same as the stressies from last year and it is weird that it literally came on over night and it does not hurt to run on either.

So, chin up, a week off it is, I guess I will be at the pool tomorrow :-(

Suck it up Em, ’tis merely a speedbump, not a whacking great pothole.


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