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Time for another hottie

11 Jul

because after all as I was whining about yesterday it’s bloody cold at the moment

Though I did rug up and do some weeding this morning and went for a stroll up to the shops this afternoon.

I have but one thing to say here, god damn Mr Newman was hot when he was young, seriously, they don’t make ’em like this anymore and if they do, can you give him my number?

Now speaking of hot, yes I have already sorted myself a warm get away, I am off to the mountains behind Cairns for a week at the end of September.

Apparently there is a “beautiful tropical rainforest walk”, well, that will be a run for me ;-)

Looks pretty bloody awful hey!

Can’t wait

4km Cross Country tomorrow, have just cooked up a lovely slice for afternoon tea, had a little sample, tastes great.


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