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2 Jul

I could happily not work, I would have no trouble filling my days, shame about the need to earn a living and all :roll:

I am easing back the mileage this week and giving myself a little rest. My aim was to run the previous 7 weeks at 70km or more, which I have, 71.5, 70, 74, 71.3, 77.4, 74.5 and 74.8 to be exact, have a rest week and only run 4 days and let the mileage be what it is and then to start a 6 week block of high 70s low 80s.

Although I am a little agitated I know it is for the best, it is a novelty to just do what I feel and not structure my day around running. I took Monday as a rest day, it was cold, wet and bloody windy and frankly was much happier curled up indoors reading a book, that is the beauty of scheduling a rest week, no guilt. Monday morning was spent looking at outdoor settings, bloody hell there is alot to choose from but surprisingly hard to find a small setting, I only wanted a 4 seater. Some of the settings were positively baronial, massive stone topped 12 seater jobbies that wouldn’t even fit in my house. I eventually found exactly what I was looking for AND the store honoured the sale price, even though the sale ended the day before so I saved $300 :-)

Yesterday I was extremely agitated and stressed, this usually happens a day or two into my break I can’t shake the feeling that I should be somewhere else (like work). I was up early to take my running group for their interval session, it was very windy and we got drenched during the warm up so it was a cold session, though I ended up running about 7km with the group.

Last night I was back at The Tan for my own training, it was my favourite session where we run for time, not distance, this time around it was 2 by 6 minutes, 2 by 5 minutes, 2 by 4 minutes and 2 by 2 minutes with 90 second recovery. We would turn around halfway and run back from whence we came, we started near the statue (King Someone or another, can never remember who) so one rep would start down hill and the other up hill.

All up it was 34 minutes of pretty hard running where I covered 7.94km, interestingly a similar session run on March 25 was 36 minutes (finished with 2 by 3 instead of 2 by 2) were I also covered 7.94km so I am stoked to see that improvement over those 3 months.

Today I headed over to Latrobe Uni in Bundoora to take part in a research project being run by a couple of podiatrists, there were 2 of them and they were collecting data for various studies. I had to run on a treadmill in dunlop volley style shoes because they have no support and almost no cushioning. I had to run with just the shoes and then 2 different types of off the shelf orthotic, there was a sensor placed in each shoe that recorded my foot strike pattern. It was pretty cool to see the results on the computer, my footprint was shaded from dark blue for low impact zones though to red for high impact. One thing I learnt about myself today is that I appear to be a wee bit lopsided, even to my untrained eye I could see it. My left foot tends towards a forefoot strike but my right foot has a definite heel strike, very weird. The podiatrist reckons that it is likely that I have a slight leg length discrepancy and this would explain the bout of Plantar Fasiciitis I had 18 months ago and the ongoing niggly heel on my right foot. I have been meaning to go see an Osteopath for ages for a posture assessment so this has given me the incentive, I just need to get my Aunty to recommend someone in Melbourne. Interestingly they also told me that I have a fairly neutral foot, which is strange as I have also been put into a very supportive shoe. Running in my own shoes and orthotics it was noted that I am supinating a little bit, but they say that as I am not experiencing any pain from this and have been injury free for the last year then I should stick with the shoes I am wearing. They are still looking for runners to be involved in the research, it took less than an hour, so if you are in Melbourne, can spare the time and want to learn a few things about yourself have a look here for more information.

Now tomorrow morning I am off on a jet plane to sunny Queensland, yay! because I am sick of freezing my butt off here in Melbourne. I stocked up at Haigh’s for treats for the family and now all I have to do is chuck some clothes in a bag and I am ready to go.


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