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20 Jan

An easy 6.2km on trails in the Dandenong Ranges this morning. We started just out of Olinda and the run was mostly downhill, a bit of flat a few rises to keep us honest. I wasn’t looking for anything too full on, just an easy hit out to round out the week.

It was typically beautiful up there today, a drizzly misty morning but not at all cold, shorts and T-shirts were fine. I love this place, the smells, the green and because of the conditions today absolute solitude, we were even lucky enough to see a Lyrebird today, they are pretty shy but if you are walking along quietly and looking carefully you can sometimes spot them. Therefore the spotting was equally fortuitous as we were crashing down hill and concentrating on trying not to fall over :lol:

Speaking of which I did trip over a stick at one point and ended up performing a pretty impressive commando roll :oops:

Once at the bottom of the valley it was time to switch to walking and climb back out again, it is a pretty sharpish climb and I hadn’t done this walk since returning from injury. The trail was really overgrown and there were a heap of trees down, including a real big one that had to be scrambled over ’twas fun :-)

Back at the car towels and dry clothes all around (thankfully no one to see me getting changed next to my car) and off in search of a hearty lunch. Now here is my tip for visitors to the Dandenongs from someone who grew up there, Olinda is very quaint but pretty much always crawling with tourists, try one of the other towns up there and you should have no drama finding a table at a decent cafe. We ended up in Kalorama with a table next to the window and great views over to Silvan.

The OH being more sensible than me ordered more traditional lunch time fare, I on the other hand bypassed that and went straight for the Cream Tea, oink oink, my favourite and I haven’t had one for yonks. The lady asked if we were sharing it and I just looked at her like “you’re taking the piss right?”. Very pleased to report that my tea came in a pot with real leaves this time, not some manky tea bag hanging out the side. Two very big warm scones and lashings of cream (not clotted sadly, only had that once and it was amazing but because it is made with unpasturised milk you can’t really get it) and strawberry jam, sure I pretty much took back in all the calories from the run and walk, but could you think of a yummier way to do it?

Now I have just finished a 60km week, I really feel like I have a solid base back now. I have been feeling more tired these last couple of weeks, but in a good way, if that makes sense. This week my muscles have been making their presence known again, mainly my calves and hammies, just all par for the course and I have a massage to look forward to on Thursday. With our 4th Trailwalker arriving home from the UK today TW training will be able to start in earnest next week.


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