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16 Jan

If you gave me the largest Thesaurus known to man I would still struggle to find the words to describe how vile my mood was today. I truly truly truly need my week off, only a week and a half to restrain myself from going postal and taking a shotgun to work and I will be free for one whole glorious week.

In a meeting this morning I had to bite my tongue to restrain myself from calling a a senior manager a C U Next Tuesday, I kid you not, I was that wound up. I am not being wildly irrational either the guy was being bullying and threatening and thank god it was a teleconference so no one could see me pretending to strangle myself. My manager was in the meeting and she is going to have words with her manager about this character, we are getting pretty fed up with his antics.

So by the time I got to run leading this afternoon I felt like crap, I was tired and cranky and felt totally drained. In fact I was on the verge of thinking that maybe I should take a break from running for the rest of the week because I felt so awful (you know I have to feel bad to consider that!). I moped around before we started trying to muster some enthusiasm and be social but I just wasn’t in the mood.

I was leading the 5Km group and agreed to be the front runner today, I ended up taking about 14 people on steady 5:11 paced run, it was a pretty big group again with quite a few newbies. By the time I had got them all to the top of Anderson Street I found myself transformed into a chatty happy bubbly run leader all the grief of the day left at the bottom of the hill. Sure the next week and a half until I go on leave will be a grind but a good run really does help clear the head.

I do have something different planned for my run tomorrow but it does involve getting up at 5am so I won’t say unless I actually see it through ;-)

Now where did I put that shotgun?


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