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Was I bad? Did I die in my sleep and wake up in hell?

11 Jan

It was already 31 freakin’ degrees at 6am today, yet I still went for a run, why I ask you, why? Because it was in my diary and I didn’t want to wait for the cool change this afternoon and then back up again first thing tomorrow.

If I am honest it wasn’t that bad, it would have been pretty awful once the sun was fully up but when it was just peeking over the horizon there wasn’t too much bite. Too many bloody flies though, not so bad when running but on the walk to my office from the car park I must have looked like a mad women, especially when I accidentally slapped myself in the face.

I had a massage last night which ended up taking 90 minutes so it was definitely going to be an easy one today, though I was surprised to find more pace than I thought I would. Granted there were a few stops at the drinking fountains, normally I only stop once when waiting for the traffic lights to change, I think there were 3 drink stops today, mostly because the dust on the Tan made my throat so dry. I did see one lady today running in leggings, a t-shirt and a jacket tied around her waist :shock: perhaps she started her run at 530am when it was only 29 degrees and she needed to ward off the chill, perhaps she was a reptile.

It was a pretty consistent effort finishing with some strides over the last 400 metres or so.

Distance – 8km
Time – 41:43
Avg Pace – 5:13
Avg HR – 82%

I am still chasing my trophy from the fun run I got the age group placing in last December, why do they offer age group place getters a trophy or medal then extracting it from them is harder than getting [insert clever and amusing comparison here, I can’t be stuffed]? If it is too much trouble for them they should just stick to offering the silverware to overall placegetters and be done with it.

By the way Kathryn and John hit the nail on the head yesterday; my Hottest 100 choices are all Australian with the exception of Bloc Party.

Gawd, are you all still awake? I’ve got nothing today, TFIF is all I have to say, is it knock off time yet? I have a serious case of the January work blahs, I need a week off work, first order of business when the boss gets back next week “hi, hope you had a great break, can I have a week off?”


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