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Tomorrow Run4Kids

31 Mar

4Km Last Run for the Kids session

A nice easy lap of The Tan today (yes, I know it is 3.8Km however I also ran back to my car from Brunch as well). I didn’t bother timing it, we all ran as a group and I moved around and had a good chat with some regulars. Afterwards one of the girls came up to thank me for my help and advice and also on behalf of her friend who didn’t make it to the session which was lovely.

Running down past Kings Domain preparations were well and truly underway for tomorrow.

Afterwards had a bit of fun with an Easter Egg hunt and a plank competition (if you have to ask you don’t want to know). Then some of us Run Leaders headed over to The Observatory for Brunch. I had a hankering for porridge but not on the menu, I settled for Bircher Muesli with stewed apples and rhubarb, heavenly :-)

Sitting there having a chat I was feeling a bit sad because I was really enjoying these sessions, everyone was great and it also gave me some company for a Saturday run. Problem solved though, seems I have been “dobbed” in for some of the Start to Finish sessions at Jells on a Saturday morning :lol:, I probably should have put my hand up for these anyway being it is so close to home and I’d be there for a Saturday run anyway.

Well, as I said the other day I have been having some great Sunday long runs so I am feeling fresh and confident. I am looking forward to having a great time tomorrow, enjoying the atmosphere and catching up with my mates. And of course if I manage to hit my target pace I’ll be pretty damn happy too.

Have a good night sleep folks and I’ll see some of you tomorrow.

PS – if you are wondering what is with the title that is what it says on my watch which has been counting down to today.

One more thing
I read a great interview with Lisa Corrigan in the latest Run for your Life magazine. I have been lucky enough to see her run a couple of times, once at a milers meet (she won) and most recently at the Telstra A Series in Melbourne where she won the mile in a fantastic last minute surge AND claimed the Australian Record. Her celebration when she did this was priceless and I admit I had a bit of a tear in my eye. If you get a chance read the interview, she is a total sweetheart. Her vulnerabilities and insecurities really struck a chord with me, particularly her honesty about struggles with body image. But you also got a sense of her understated confidence in her ability. She is only 22 so it will be pretty exciting to see where she progresses from here, especially with World Champs in August and the Olympics next year.

Time on my hands

30 Mar

Big fat zero, in the hope that I will be jumping out of my skin and full of vim and vigor (as opposed to the usual piss and vinegar) I have taken another rest day today, this week has been positively idle with only about 25Kms clocked up so far. I was not really sure what I should be doing to taper but as I had a 87Km week last week its best to err on the side of caution.

On my drive home from work today (indulgent I know but I have pretty much broken up with Public Transport, I just can’t handle it) I was contemplating ways to get more mileage into my week, in particular fitting in a midweek long run of about 20Kms.

By the time I had got home I had about 3 alternate routes mapped out in my mind which involve simply pulling on the kit and running home from work. I can leave all my clothes, wallet etc in my locker and just carry my arm band with some cash, my cards, a mobile phone & the locker key. If I leave work at about 4ish I reckon I’d be home by 6 to 630pm, depending on the route I take, I live just about smack on the 20Km circle in the Melways. Holy heck, I can not believe I am so flippantly working out ways to run home from work, from the CBD to Blackburn (for those Melbournites and any stalkers out there) without curling into a little fetal ball of terror :lol:

Haven’t posted some pics in a while

This is one of the R4K road closure signs on Flinders St

And this is my traditional kit photo, yes the shorts look little, but thanks to the magic of lycra they do fit

So this is what I used to do
It feels truly strange to be home from work early, I was walking through the door at about 4:45pm, then kind of wandered around the house at a loose end. It left me wondering what the hell I even did with my time before I started to run, I didn’t really have any hobbies (being that I would pretty much get bored of anything 5 minutes after starting it), I guess I just used to sit around eating too much and expanding my behind :roll:

Ben Cousins has allegedly jetted his way off to some swanky rehab facility in the States. Hopefully that little media circus will come to an end for the time being. I have been pointedly ignoring most of the press on this one. Sure he has been a naughty boy, but as far as I am concerned owes us nothing. I don’t buy this role model crap, it’s a parents job to guide their sprogs emotional and moral development, not some over muscled nuff nuff with a football in place of a brain. The media frenzy has been mad, the sick pleasure they seem to get when people screw up really is disturbing, God help you if you are famous and flawed.

I had a fantastic e-mail from my sister in law today, she has started a run/walk program!! I am so proud of her, she even took herself off to Harbour Town (mega factory outlet place on the Gold Coast) and picked up a pair of Nike Triax. I have some running gear that is too big for me now so it will be on it’s way to her next week. I marked out a 5Km route last time I visited so she is using that and with all the hills in her neighborhood AND pushing Katrina in the stroller, she will be super fit in no time.

She is even talking about doing the 10Km at the GC Marathon in July. Now all I have to do is get my sister back on track again and if they offer a team entry myself, my brother, sister-in-law, sister and maybe even brother-in-law to be, can run the event together, this would really make me :-)

Got dem taper blues

29 Mar

After a very antsy agitated day at work I had a great short and sharp tempo run this afternoon.

8Km in 38:33, average pace 4:49. This is actually an unofficial PB as well, shame I wasn’t racing tonight the mood was right.

I also chucked in some fartlek and pushed it up Anderson St challenging myself to overtake some other runners.

Another rest day tomorrow :roll: then an easy cruise on Saturday morning with the training group. Fortunately I tend to feel pretty good on Sunday’s and have been having some great long runs lately so I am feeling confident.

Pretty sure that was fellow blogger John who passed me gazelle like near the Swan Street Bridge this afternoon, hope you had a good one.

So, South Africa continue to disappoint, I honestly thought they would be bringing a strong team to the World Cup (that’s Cricket folks), then we slay them last Sunday. Now today I hear that the first ever double hat trick has been pulled off. In my cynicism I assume that it was a giant against a minnow thing, as per Hercelle Gibbs 6 6s against the Netherlands. No offence to the Orange boys, but it was a little like playing the local high school 11.

So imagine my surprise when I catch the news tonight and see that it was Bangladesh (not quite minnows but would certainly be in danger of being chucked back into the ocean if caught) against South Africa who despite the double hat trick managed a one wicket victory.

But then I copped a closer look at the bowling, I’ll apologise if I am wrong, they didn’t show much footage, but seriously who saw it, dare I say it, CHUCKER!!! I am no Cricket Umpire, but I am pretty sure ones arm is not to come out at right angles to ones body when bowling. Are umpires now too afraid to call chucking against sub-continent bowlers, what’s up with up?

I must confess I have been less into the World Cup this time around, I think the hours are just too anti-social for me in my dotage. Usually I have been front and centre with the toothpicks under my eyes, but this year I am just grabbing the results the next day.

Yep, paid the price

28 Mar

Being that I am in a taper week I am taking it easy. I’ll do a shorter tempo set tomorrow, probably about 10Km with 6Km at tempo, rest on Friday then an easy lap of The Tan with the Nike training group. It all fits in nicely because I was due for a “back off” week anyway.

I did my afternoon run in 2 parts today, a pretty easy 5Kms followed by a very easy 5Km as leader of slow group at Run to the G training this afternoon. I only had one girl in my group and we had a great old chat during the course of the run, so although it was slow the time passed pleasently.

It was also raining the whole time, Jay would have hated it, but I thought it was lovely, after so many hot sweaty runs over summer it was wonderfully refreshing.

Though must must must remember to start packing my jacket and track pants because I was soaked and had to pop into Safeway on the way home looking like a drowned rat :lol:

Yeah, I paid the price for my late night with Eddie Stone and the boys from the SAS, I certainly dragged my sorry arse though the day today.

Oh, and the book, Footprints on the Water turned up today, thanks Vicky. I’ll be getting stuck in over easter, I’ll post when I have finished and take nominations for the next taker :-)

So on that note, off for some rest.

27 Mar

Quick post, only just settled after only getting home half an hour ago.

Just a fun session tonight, some mixed relays and and “egg” (Ok, Ping Pong Ball) and spoon race, all up 7Km

I have also been leant a Sandringham Athletics top to wear on Sunday, SCORE, this means I get the extra special front of the pack possie with out having to line up early.

Only problem will be washing out the foot prints on the back when all the fast non AV runners trample over the top of me :lol:

Even though it isn’t an AV event it will still be cool to have my first hit out in uniform before the winter season starts on April 28.

Looks like I am in for a late one tonight, SAS Desert: Are you tough enough starts tonight and they are showing a double episode, I missed the first half an hour so I have to catch it on replay starting from 1030, looks like I’ll be yawning my way through tomorrow. They didn’t start the new series last week as promised, not sure what went on there.


26 Mar

None today, a well earned rest after 13 days straight. I have often wondered if I could do the 13 days on 1 day off thing, seems that I can because I am feeling pretty sprightly today. Having said that at this stage of the game I probably won’t be going down that road, when I start running more mileage I will achieve it by doubling up some days and keeping the 1 rest day a week.

It was strange though to finish work today and head for the train station, rather than heading to the change room downstairs. Walking to and from the station and having a walk at lunch time doesn’t cut it, guess I’ll be saving up the energy for Sunday.

Now don’t go asking me for goals for Sunday, I haven’t really put much thought into it. The start will be heavily congested and I am not going to run half the race stressing out about having to make up time. I will again be tackling it without the Polar Footpod so I can practice pacing sans technology (apart from my watch), my main goal will be to tackle this at a pace that will be required to achieve a 100 minute half marathon and maybe a 10Km PB along the way :-) so it’s all about practice and having a bit of fun.

We’ve had sad songs, what’s your swan song
Today’s Noise Pollution post was about what song you would like played at your Funeral.

Ask me this question I will ultimately say, who gives a damn, I’m dead! But reading some of the comments had me cacking myself, I think my favorite was “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”, followed by “Off to see the Wizard” both from The Wizard of Oz.

Runners up were –
Tubthumping – Chumbawumba
Fire Water Burn – Bloodhound Gang (perhaps “Burn Mother Fucker Burn” while being cremated appeals to my incredibly sick sense of humor)
Asshole – Denis Leary (Have you ever noticed when someone dies tragically and they interview their friends/family on TV they are always saying what a wonderful/generous/fantastic/saintlike person they were. Just once I want to hear someone say, “oh, he was a bit of an asshole actually)
Thriller – Michael Jackson, as long as the guests come dressed as Zombies

Apologies if I have somehow caused any offense but I gotta tell you, I tend to keep it under wraps here but I have a very left of middle sense of humor and as the boys from Monty Python said –

Life’s a piece of shit
When you look at it
Life’s a laugh and death’s a joke, it’s true.
You’ll see it’s all a show
Keep ’em laughing as you go
Just remember that the last laugh is on you

My motto, “Ya gotta laugh”, my grandma was a great example, when she was dying of cancer she rarely lost her sense of humor, even when things got quite grim at the end.

But if I was pressed to pick something seriously I guess it would be a toss up between –
Hallelujah – my old faithful Jeff Buckley version
If I Should Fall From Grace with God – The Pogues

But part of me really wants Ding Dong the Witch is Dead :lol:

That was a big week

25 Mar

A double post today, I was busy with my sisters engagement party yesterday.

13.5 Km at about 5:40 pace as a Run Leader. This was the second last session, with an easy one planned for next Saturday, the day before the race. I have more or less taken the same group of people out over the last 7 weeks, a core group started with me on the 8Km slow runs, then a few weeks later when I was rostered to the 13.5Km medium group they all came along for the ride :-) even in this short time I have seen them all become alot more confident about their chances of getting through the 15.2Km.

Afterwards I found myself with a small group who all wanted to chat and ask me questions :oops: it was a bit over whelming but very gratifying to see them all so keen.

Also I would like to announce here that I am officially no longer a slapper :lol: one of the guys in my group ran up from behind me and commented that I was running lightly and on my toes and how did I manage it. Yippeeeee, finally, after over 7 months of grafting away at the speedwork and trying to adjust my style it has finally become second nature to me. This adjustment certainly seems to have had an impact on my training with longer runs now being managed more easily at a quicker pace.

I was thinking about heading down to Yarra Blvd for a 5Km Sri Chinmoy race, then off for another 15Km. Buuuuut, owing to my sisters engagement party last night I was not exactly in tip top shape, not hung over as such, just a late night. So instead I had a rare sleep in, the alarm went off at 06:17, so I rolled over, hit snooze and slept in until 06:17 :lol: I love the end of daylight savings, I hadn’t put the clock back before bed! Well not exactly love it, the shorter days are a bit depressing but the extra hour on the first Sunday is a treat. I was amused to read in the Good Weekend yesterday than Ian Thorpe used to set his alarm for 04:17 in his training days, my alarm is set for 05:17 and 06:17 on the weekends. Why the 17 minutes? Not sure really, just a quirk of mine, I am just not a fan of even numbers, so it seems IT and I have something in common.

I kept the long run shorter today, as I am heading into a taper week before the 15.2 Km Run for the Kids next Sunday.

20.5Km in 1:44:42, average pace 5:06 along the Warby Trail. I love how I can now comfortably complete a training run quicker than my first HM last July (avg pace was 5:08), I am started to get a little excited about the winter now, I should post some decent times over some distances that I haven’t raced for almost a year. I pushed the last 3Kms today as well and it was mostly uphill :-)

Weekly Summary
Mon – 8Km slow as run leader
Tue – 10Km including my favourite interval session (500, 800, 1Km, 1Km, 800, 500)
Wed – 8km quickish followed by 5Km slow as a run leader
Thu – 11Km slog in the heat
Fri – 10Km slog in the heat
Sat – 13.5 Km medium as run leader
Sun – 20.5Km long run in 1:44:42

Total – 87Km

Woo Hoo, this is the most I have ever run in a week, maybe I should have gone the extra 2.5km to make it 90Km! Only kidding, no point doing stupid things just for the sake of mileage.

Also, because I filled in for a run leader shift on Monday I missed my rest day which saw me run 13 days in a row. Happy to say I report no ill effects from this, probably due to the fact that there were some nice easy runs in there when I was doing R4K sessions.

So rest tomorrow then a reasonably easy week leading up to next Sunday.

Yeah Ewen, it is a struggle for me to get out of Bakers Delight with just a wholemeal roll. In fact I get the same feeling walking into Bakers Delight that dodgy old men in raincoats probably get walking into an Adult Bookshop :lol: My weakness, Cape Fruit and Nut Roll, Apple Scroll, Hot Cross Buns, Escargot Danish and the Cheese and Chive Scones (Steve, they would be the crappy carbs I have been trying to avoid)

At the end of the week I tip the scales at 59Kg even (Hmmm, last nights choccie cake for dessert perhaps) which I am pretty happy with. I reckon sensible eating and the increased mileage should see the back of another 2Kg pretty easily.


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