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I am not

31 May

racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing I am not racing…….

And so on and so forth

Just a wee reminder for myself, tomorrows 15km is not part of the plan, don’t get caught up in the crowd, don’t get white line fever and don’t let the ego take over, it is a tempo run only with a warm up and cool down to make it 17km. I will aim to finish the 15km somewhere around 75 minutes, any quicker and I went too fast, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the watch.

There was no running today, it was a rest day.

My garden is still being worked on and it is starting to come together, though it looks like it may take a little longer than expected, but that is usually the way. I have also been given the number of a decent re-stumper so I’ll get on to that one on Monday. I have been in this house for almost 5 years now, it is probably about time I started getting things in order.

Proper recovery

30 May

Duly noted, I know that my “recovery” runs tend to be done too fast and I herby pledge to display more discipline in future.

So this afternoon I dutifully set off for my 8km recovery run determined to do the right thing, I finished up with 8.2km in a shade under 46 minutes. It was slooooooow and I regretted not taking my iPod because it did drag a bit, the sort of run that it would have been nice to have company for.

Last night I did a track session, I hadn’t run at Olympic park since late last year and while it is better for my legs that I don’t do too much on the track it was a good change. It was also strange to do a interval workout on a Thursday, I am so used to doing these on a Tuesday.

The session was simply 6 by 500 with 90 second recovery, the aim was to not run flat out, rather to maintain a good pace and not let the time slip due to fatigue, we were told to ensure that there was not more than about 4 seconds variation. The rugby field was down so part of the bends were cut off which forced us to run wide so the 500s ended up just a tad over, anyway, here are the splits –

1 – 1:58
2 – 2:00
3 – 2:07*
4 – 2:03
5 – 2:03**
6 – 1:57***

* I was running with a girl who was new to the group and she was picked up by Tim for making too much noise with her feet, sound familiar? Anyway, she was given some advice and over the first 200 metres I hung back and had a quick chat with her because this was something I had to work on when I first started doing these sessions.

** My running partner sat this rep out so I slogged it out on my own, damn it was hard, I really had to grit my teeth!

*** I was given some advice on my form, as I was tiring I was getting sloppy and over striding so I really concentrated on where I was placing my feet and pushing forward, it really made a difference.

I felt the effects of the session by the time I got home though, my feet were killing me, a combination of shoes with over 500km on them and the hard track, my legs are also a bit touchy today so a slow recovery run and some self massage. Don’t panic, not stress fracture touchy, just that slightly sore feeling from a hard workout, I know the difference these days.

Tomorrow is a rest day so I have finished my month, 295km YAY!!!

Piss Off and leave us alone

You can take your alcohol, measles, chicken pox, christianity, clothing and modern society and you can piss off, the lot of you, go on, get stuffed, we are just fine right here thanks!

I wonder how long it will take this hapless “uncontacted tribe” in the Amazonian Rainforest to be not so uncontacted.

I hope they leave the poor buggers alone.

Utter Nonsense

29 May

Last season ponytails were glamorously high and glossy; now they’re low, understated and cool.

Christ, has someone let the Ponies know?

This piece of laughable tripe came from the latest Marie Claire magazine, a work colleague buys every kind of Mag every month and I amuse myself reading them over lunch. I am trying to picture the journo writing the above little snippet without choking with laughter, because surely they can not be taking this shit seriously.


It gets better though as we move a few pages on to the in depth expose on this seasons nail polish trends. You will all be relieved to know that it is now OK to wear navy polish on your fingers and purple on your toes without the risk of being set upon in the street by the fashion police and thrown into a gulag for the terminally unhip. Personally my toenails are generally purple (well some of them anyway), however I suspect that bruised toenails were not quite what the fashion forward little miss who wrote the article had in mind.

I suppose my messy would rather start work half an hour earlier so I can get away early than spend time in the bathroom drying and straightening my hair pony tail just ‘aint gonna cut it, for shame, how ever will I live with the shame?

And the only reason my hair is even long enough to turn into a pony tail is because I can’t seen to find the time to make a damn hairdressers appointment.

Ok, when was the last update, Tuesday?

Yesterday I was supposed to do an 8km recovery run before run leading. I headed out along the yarra to run to the rail bridge then back up the other side of the river. I ignored my watch and just ran in a way that felt relaxed. Therefore when I got back and had covered 8.4km at just over 5 minute kms I was a little taken aback. Recovery runs should not really be barely above the pace of the previous day’s tempo run should they? Should have been more like 5:15 to 5:20 pace and I will have to be more disciplined in future lest I burn out.

Then it was off to run leading, 5.3km looking after the slow group so I was forced to take it easy, though due to some navigating hiccups I did pick up some of the medium paced group at about 3km so I left the slow group to the other run leader and took the medium group back.

Total for the day, about 13.7km

This morning I was running a strength and interval session and ran down to the tan to pick up the group and then ran the warm up with them down to where we conduct the session, this was about 4.3km at a very easy pace. It was 5:40am when I started for goodness sake, it is always a miracle that I make it to the tan without falling into the river.

This afternoon I am going to do an interval session with HVT, I missed my usual session on Tuesday so it will be a change to do a session on Thursday for a chance; I think it is 6 by 500 today.

Regarding the AV15km at Latrobe on the weekend this is not a goal race, hence I am not tapering and I am doing a hard session the Thursday before. Speaking with Tim last night I agreed just to approach it as a tempo run and tack on a couple of Kms as warm up and cool down to bring it up to 17km. If I were to run this one flat out it would require at least a week or so recovery and I don’t want to factor this in at this stage, so tempo run it is.

This morning, for the first time ever I forgot to pack my work clothes, was already for my shower, had underware and shoes but no clothes :shock: Luckily I didn’t really work up a sweat this morning so I had my shower and put my running gear back on (leggings not shorts, thank the lord) and then at 9am on the dot nipped out to Myer. $60 later new pants and new top thanks to elcheapo Miss Shop gear being on sale and therefore even more elcheapo than usual.

Quick Hills

27 May

I couldn’t do my usual Tuesday session as I had to get the car home so the OH could get to a doctor’s appointment.

The session was to be 2 by 800 4 minutes rest then 4 by 400 and I was tempted to give the session a go on my own. The street parallel to mine is spot on 800 metres, straight and relatively quiet, but really, I am not so good doing these on my own, I really need the group atmosphere to pull me though.

Instead I did the same session as Friday night, the tempo run around the block which door to door comes in at spot on 9km, I didn’t have to cut it short tonight to stop at the supermarket. I decided to run clockwise this time, I usually run it anti, it is an undulating route but it is pretty even so just as many ups as downs tonight as there were on Friday.

Despite feeling a bit blah at the outset it turned out to be a ripper of a run, 9km in 44:53, just under a 5 minute km average, even with the uphills :-) Unfortunately I did have to stop for a couple of minutes at around the 4km mark because I had some cramping in my abdomen, just another of the joys of being a chick. This happens from time to time around mid-cycle and usually pops up when I am exercising but it passes pretty quickly. I tried to run though it but it was slowing me up, I figure better to stop, take a few deep breaths and let it past and then crack on.

Very happy with the pace today though, hard enough to feel like I was working hard but not so much that I was struggling and hanging out to stop. Bit by bit my training paces are starting to improve and I have this subtle sense that I am becoming stronger, it is a good feeling :-)


26 May

…of inspiration that is, I am getting into a heavier training period now as it is time to lay the foundations for a good HM in September. Add to that the extra early starts twice a week for the part time work, the run leading on Wednesday evenings and of course, the full time job and I just don’t have the time to get angry enough about anything for a good rant, not when I am ready for bed by 9pm.

So I am afraid it mostly going to be all about the running around here for a while, unless of course I get bored in a teleconference at work ;-)

All the hard work and early nights will be worth it when I have smashed a few more PBs this year :-)

Training Plan
I ran my plan for the coming months past Tim last week and I was pretty much on track. I just needed to be reminded to factor in an easy week every 4 weeks or so and I was also given some guidance on how to structure my long runs. Every couple of weeks I am to knock out the last 20 minutes of a long run at HM pace and also to try a couple of long runs at 5 minute Km pace (may need to co-opt in some company from one of the faster guys for these).

It was agreed that 85km a week is the maximum I should be aiming for and I am building towards this now, the last 2 weeks were 70km and I am aiming for around 74km this week. If I can get a comfortable base of between 75-85km a week AND avoid injury this will be a good jumping off point for marathon training down the track.

Today was an easy 8km recovery run, nothing special, in fact I was feeling a bit heavy in the legs so it really was just one of those functional runs that needed to be done. I swapped in a new pair of shoes today too, I am currently rotating 2 pairs of Brooks Trance (5 and 6) and both have close to 600km on them. They have about 300km each left so it was time for a 3rd pair, Mizuno Wave Alchemy, I have never worn these before and so far they feel pretty comfy.

Yeah JH, you got it, Stumping Yuck, a very boring thing to spend a stupid amount of money on but I can’t do the fun stuff until it is out of the way. It is the price you pay for having a weatherboard house I am afraid, on the other hand it is really quick and easy to cut a big hole in the side of your house to install new doors and windows.

Gardens, running and re-stumping

25 May

My landscaping is a work in progress, at the moment a very big mess but you can also see it coming together. Yesterday afternoon I went out to Mums and helped her pile a heap of rocks into the trailer. This was a slightly hazardous process that involved Mum standing at the top of a cairn in her backyard and dislodging rocks with a mattock while I tried not to get killed :roll:

It soon became apparent that I am soft and weak as I could only lift little football sized rocks and Mum could pick up rocks twice as big :oops:

This afternoon we then unloaded all the rocks back at my house and that is the hard work over, the landscaper is going to put them in place with the Bobcat and build a retaining wall. With all the rocks out of the trailer we piled in all the old scraggly stuff that had been pulled out of the ground and took it off to the greenwaste place.

With some old camellia’s cleared away from the front of my house I had a chance to have a look at the stumps, uh-oh, I guess I better face up to what I already suspected, the dreaded re-stumping! My weatherboard house is about 40 years old and still has the old redwood stumps and they are not looking too flash. Oh well, best get on the phone tomorrow and organise some quotes, I am not bothered that it is going to cost a bit, I have been putting money aside in the reno fund for things like this, it’s just the hassle and the mess that has been putting me off. Also I am totally hopeless at organising stuff like this, I get a bit overwhelmed, I suck at Life Admin.

Last week was a 70km week so I didn’t want to go over that this week, build slow and steady and all that. Therefore I opted to take yesterday as a rest day, all the hauling about of rocks (even if they were little ones) and traipsing over my Mums big block of land was exercise enough.

This morning I headed out at about 8:15 for my long run, I seem to have settled into these again reasonably well. I planned on 17km along the same route as last week, expect I ran on the path on the otherside of the freeway so I could make less road crossings. I finished more or less on 90 minutes, looking back at my diary I was only managing about 15.5km in 90 minutes earlier this year, now I can comfortably fit in 17km so my long run pace is picking up. It was a good run on a beautiful morning and it capped off another 70km week.

Lots of activity this weekend, any wonder I am feeling a bit worn out now, not even time for my usual nana nap. Think I might flake out with a glass of wine :-)

Finding a new pace

23 May

One thing lead to another and I was not able to run until after I got home from work today, normally I would run in the city and then head home.

I pulled on some cold weather running gear and braced myself for what I thought would be a utilitarian run around the block, about 8.5km. Before I had even hit the magic 3km mark I was already feeling great, my legs were turning over smoothly, breathing was easy and I settled in for what would be an enjoyable run, unusual considering it was on the footpath, in the dark with peak hour traffic for company.

This route around home is undulating, so while I am rewarded with some downhills I have to do the hard work up hill first. As I was feeling good I decided to capitalise on that and attack the hills and run a solid tempo session. I finished up with 8.6Km with an average pace of just over 5 minute kms :-)

I carried my credit card in my pocket and finished my run at the door of my local supermarket so I could pick up some groceries for dinner. Anyone who has met me will know that I am not really all that precious about my appearance so I am not bothered wandering around Safeway in my post run glory :lol:

The only bummer was the walk home, only about 800 metres but a wee bit chilly.

Very excited about tomorrow, my landscaping is starting, when I got home my pre-fab decking had been delivered. It is only supposed to take 2 weekends, so by next week I will have my little garden oasis to enjoy. The landscaper is going to do all the construction stuff, decking, paving and creating the garden beds and Mum and I area going to take care of al the planting. I will make sure I take a before and after photos.

In quite a good mood now after such a great run, it looks like I am finding a new and faster training pace, the post Trailwalker haze has lifted now. I know I promised an update on how my training plan is shaping up for the coming months but it will have to wait until tomorrow now.

Michael, re your comment yesterday, generally I am the run leader for the slow or medium paced 5km group on a Wednesday. If you come along again just ask for Em at the sign up desk, someone will point me out to you.


22 May

There were 2 runs yesterday afternoon.

Run 1
About 8.4km recovery pace, nice and easy along the Yarra. Thinking back this was a lovely serene run, the water was high in the river, I took it easy and spent some time with my alone with my thoughts (granted probably a rather scary prospect).

Run 2
About 45 minutes later I was backing up to lead the medium paced 5km group. We all ran together for about 4km then the 10km group split off and I lead the smaller 5km group back to the Adidas shop. It turned out to be closer to 5.5km at a tiny bit over 5 minute Km pace, I love that I can back up after an earlier run and knock out this pace without a worry :-)

Afterwards there was some activities going on at the shop so I hung around for a bit of a look. Wandering around I found myself face to face with Kate Smyth, I was a bit taken aback so I just stumbled out with a smile and “Congratulations” (she ran a great marathon PB recently and has been selected for the Olympic Marathon team). Turns out she is a lovely women and she very tolerantly listened to me prattling on nervously for 5 minutes or so and when I drew breath she even managed to get a few words in edgeways :oops:

Today was a rest day, I did about 3.7km this morning warming up with the group I train (and boy did we need it this morning, 4 degrees!), but it was pretty gentle and this afternoon I was off for my fortnightly massage.

Got a bit of an update on the training plan for the rest of the season after running (boom boom) it by Tim, but I will leave that until tomorrow.

I’d like to request a 30 hour day please

21 May

Because I just can’t seem to fit enough into the 24 I have been allocated :roll:

Been a bit busy the last couple of days so I haven’t been able to update the training, nothing more to add really, at the moment if I am not working or training I am sleeping, these leaves little time for ranting and social comment. I shall have to work up a good head of steam on something soon just to keep you all amused.

Monday – 13km
8km recovery run then 4km easy pace as run leader (was filling in a shift for someone) then another Km or so back to my car

Tuesday – 13.5km
AM – very easy 3km with my beginner runners group on the tan
PM – about 10.5km including the following session, 500, 800, 1km, 1km, 800, 500 reps with 2 minute recovery, this was done on the tan with each rep either being on a slight incline or decline, hence the time discrepancies, also I was still a bit heavy in the legs from Saturday so was about 5 seconds slower than usual.

500 – 2:07 – up
800 – 3:22 – down
1km – 4:38 – up
1km – 4:11 down
800 – 3:34 – up
500 – 2:02 – down

Back into the groove

18 May

I capped off a good week with a decent long run this afternoon, I have been a bit slack with the long runs since Trailwalker and needed to get back on the bike, so to speak.

Stacks of stuff to do today, housework (ughhhh, considering how little time I seem to spend at home I still manage to make a hell of a mess), stacks of laundry to fold and put away and some clearing in the yard because the landscaper is getting started next Saturday. Finally at around 230pm I was ready to head out for a run, fortunately the weather had decided to clear at the same time and although it was cool there was no rain.

As per usual I mapped out a course in my head and decided that 15km would be a good start back. Despite yesterday’s efforts I was pretty comfortable and was enjoying the workout, no music just my thoughts and grateful to have some quiet alone time. I ended up with a little more than planned, 17km in 91 minutes. This has rounded out a 71km week, yay, finally a decent week of training, I have not run over 70km since I was injured and that was a year ago now!!

Off the back of yesterday’s 10km McMillan’s running calculator gives me an estimate of 1:41:37 for a half marathon, this means I still have a bit of work to do if I want to hit my 1:40:00 goal in September. The prediction for 15km is 1:10:46, as it happens on 1 June I have a 15km AV race, so I can put Mr McMillan to the test, though I do know that this course has a big hill and we have to climb it 3 times :roll:

Still feeling pretty good after yesterday as someone said to me afterwards “it is a good start”, it is and better things are to come. I really needed a successful hit out to help me regain some confidence in myself.

Mmmmm, I have a Vegie Tagine cooking in the oven (have a look at the page entitled Food if you want the recipe) and my house smells fab right now, it is the perfect cold Sunday night comfort food. I have also decided that I deserve a treat tonight, Cookies and Cream ice-cream for desert should hit the spot ;-) I actually bought this last night but funnily enough I didn’t feel like it.

PS – just saw Stu’s comment on yesterday’s post – nup, don’t mind you saying at all because I reckon you are spot on, especially as you saw me on the first two laps. On reflection I was feeling just a little bit too good and the great negative split is a testament to the fact that I probably had a little more to give yesterday. All told I am still very very green at this racing business and am still on a pretty steep learning curve and welcome any and all advice :-)


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